Joan E. Schulz Lectureship

Joan E. SchulzCreated with seed money and fundraising ingenuity by Professor Judith Fetterley and other members of the Community of Founders, the Endowment generates income to fund an annual lecture on "Feminism, Knowledge, and Pedagogy."

Named in honor of Emerita Professor of English and Women's Studies Joan E. Schulz, who, with Professor Fetterley, founded the Undergraduate Teaching Collective, the Endowment commemorates the vital aspects of second-wave feminism that continue to energize Women's Studies, in particular the connection between academic knowledge and political activism that Professor Schulz brought to her own pedagogy.

The fundraising effort for the Endowment is entering its third phase with a goal of reaching the $200,000 mark. Ultimately, the Endowment is intended to support a Visiting Professor and to increase the Women's Studies Department's teaching capacity.

Those interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to the Joan E. Schulz Lectureship are invited to visit the "Support Women's Studies" page for information on how to make an online donation or send your check by mail.