Honors Program in Women's Studies

Students may file an application for admission to the honors program in the department office in the second semester of the sophomore year or in the junior year. Junior transfers may apply at the time of their admission to the University.

The minimum requirements for admission include completion of at least 12 credits of course work applicable to the major, a minimum overall grade point average of 3.25, and a minimum 3.50 grade point average for all courses applicable toward the major.

Students in the program are required to complete all of the requirements for the major in Women’s Studies. As part of their elective credits for the major, students must also complete 3 credits of intensive work culminating in an independent research or creative honors project.

Typically the project begins as a paper the student writes for an upper-division Women’s Studies course no later than spring of the junior year. During the senior year, honors students fulfill the requirements for the honors program by enrolling in A WSS 495 Honors Project during the fall semester concurrently with A WSS 490Z, Research Seminar in Women’s Studies. Alternatively, students who have been admitted into the honors program during their sophomore year may enroll in A WSS 490Z in the fall semester of their junior year in preparation for completion of the honors sequence during the subsequent two semesters.

Students in the honors program are required to maintain overall grade point averages of 3.25 or higher during the junior and senior years and overall grade point averages of 3.50 or higher for all courses applicable toward the major. Students not meeting the above standards may be unable to complete the honors program.

After completion of the above requirements, the records of the candidate will be reviewed by the department, which will recommend candidates for the degree with honors in Women’s Studies.

For more information, please contact Prof. Vivien Ng, Department Chair. You may download a copy of the application form here.