Admission to the M.A. Program in Women's Studies

Application Procedure

A complete application to the M.A. Program in Women's Studies includes:

Transcript(s) of undergraduate and any graduate education;
3 letters of recommendation;
Applicant's statement detailing background in women's studies; reasons for applying, and intellectual, research, or creative objectives for pursuing graduate work, along with a résumé;
2 relevant writing samples--acceptable submissions include papers accepted for formal coursework, authored reports for a community or political organization, creative work (with accompanying text), and/or published articles;
GRE scores may be submitted at applicant's discretion but are not required for consideration.
There is no formal deadline for applying, but students are encouraged to submit completed applications by the first week in March for the fall semester, and the first week in October for the spring semester. Applications can be considered up to four weeks before the requested starting semester.

Application forms may be obtained online:

Link to: Courses in the Graduate Bulletin.