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transcending silence...
Spring 2009 Issue


Coup de Foudre

Stacie Sells and Cassandra Troyan


Coup de Foudre is a video made to explore the objectification of women. By providing a greater lexicon for expressing the human experience, especially that of women, the film addresses the rigid inadequacies present in written and spoken language. Within this work the issues of gender, language, sexual orientation, violence, and objectification/ subjectivity play the largest roles. How do we show or represent women in film without them being seen as sexual objects?  How do we move them into a position where they have control?  These are very difficult questions that we continue to explore through the body of our work. This piece is not only theoretical, but also based in praxis. Ultimately, the work should stand alone, speak for itself, and accomplish it in such a way that speaks beyond the capability of words. 



Edited by Rachel Mahony and Mariel Monteagudo

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