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transcending silence...
Spring 2009 Issue


From left to right and top to bottom:
Rachel Mahoney, David Garuz, Anna Letko, Mariel Monteagudo
Nora Lum, Christine Cretser, Adelina Kendle, Alex Husinko


Christine Cretser is a Women’s Studies major and Psychology minor at the University at Albany. She will be studying in Rome, Italy this summer and graduating in December of 2009. In the following fall she plans to enroll in graduate school for Social Work. This semester she is interning at Family Planning Advocates of New York State, a lobbying organization for reproductive rights. Christine hopes to have a successful issue of transcending silence… this semester.

David Garuz is a senior at the University at Albany with a major in Biology and minor in Spanish.  He enjoys studying a multitude of subjects to learn various topics and broaden his horizons. Traveling and studying in many countries has given him more knowledge and understanding of other cultures and helps him relate his experiences to other people. After graduating he would like to pursue a career in the medical field where he can continue to help others in medical needs. He loves taking on difficult challenges because he feels "what can't kill you can only make you stronger."  

Alexander Husinko is a senior at the University at Albany. He is a Philosophy major and a Psychology minor. He is new to the area of Women’s Studies, but he enjoys the new experience. He hopes to go to law school after he graduates in the spring. He has participated in various volunteer work and is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. He currently lives in the city of Albany.

Adelina Kendle is a senior at the University at Albany and will be graduating in the fall. She is majoring in Women's Studies with a minor in Sociology. After graduation, she plans on working with youth groups to help them overcome the everyday obstacles that they face. Being able to work on transcending silence... and publish her peers' work has been such an exciting privilege.

Anna Letko is currently a senior at the University at Albany. She is majoring in Sociology with a minor in Women's Studies. She is planning to attend graduate school for Social Welfare in fall 2010, and plans to become a counselor in the future. She is a member of Tau Sigma Honor Society, NSCS, and Presidential Honor Society. Anna enjoys making her own jewelry and volunteering for The Animal Protective Foundation.

Nora Lum is currently a junior at the University at Albany, majoring in Journalism and Women's Studies with a concentration in East Asian Studies. She plans on going to graduate school in Nanjing, China after completing her bachelors. She has been a copy editor and reporter for a Beijing-based bilingual magazine called "Metrozine," where she hopes her skills will be of benefit to publishing the Spring '09 issue of transcending silence... She hopes that being a part of the journal will combine elements of both her major and minor, as well as open her to the diverse perspectives of other driven undergraduates. She is very proud to be a part of the editorial board this semester and hopes to see the journal evolve in the future.

Rachel Mahoney is currently a junior at the University at Albany.  She is a Women Studies major and Biology minor.  Rachel enjoys volunteering in various organizations such as the Downs Foundation on Staten Island, New York and the grassroots organization BirthNet in Albany. Rachel plans on attending Medical School, where she hopes to pursue a career in preventive medicine.

Mariel Monteagudo is currently a senior at the University at Albany. She is a Women's Studies major and a Theatre minor with plans to graduate in Spring 2010. She enjoys singing (showtunes mostly), reading (chicklets mostly), and crocheting (blankets only). One day she hopes to travel to Japan and Canada for their fabulous cuisine. Working on transcending silence... has been fun, and she thanks the contributors, the co-editors, and the advisors for such an enriching experience.


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