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transcending silence...
Spring 2009 Issue

About the Contributors

Jennifer Kowalski is a senior at the University at Albany. In 2009, she will complete a B.A. with honors in English with a minor in Sociology. Following graduation, she will be attending graduate school for book publishing.

Stacie Sells is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art and Technology. Her main focus during her career as a student was video art and using it in a more experimental way. This love for experimental work can be seen in several pieces she's created that delve into the abstract world she molds from several of her interests, such as film theory and "old school" 1940s musicals. Both she and Cassandra Troyan were introduced to one another by a History of Art professor who specialized in film. He knew both students would be a perfect match for one another because of their common interests and intense desire to create a work both beautiful and meaningful. This is just the beginning of their work together as a team and who knows what to expect in the years to come.

Maureen Stutzman graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May of 2008 with a double major in Women's Studies and Political Science and a minor in History.  She was involved with several feminist groups on campus, especially the non-profit Choice USA.  She has continued her activism by volunteering with the New York Abortion Access Fund while working her day job as a Department Coodinator at Comedy Central (and no, she doesn't know Jon Stewart).  Maureen currently lives in Brooklyn (but is a native of Albany) and is hoping to someday pursue Women's Studies in graduate school.

Cassandra Troyan is a fourth year undergraduate at The Ohio State University majoring in Art History and Film Studies. Her main focus is on contemporary criticism and theory. But in terms of interests, she feels there are hundreds of different facets which inform her practice as an artist. She enjoys the work of philosopher Gilles Deleuze, appreciating cinema in general (especially Eastern-European, French New Wave, German Expressionism, silent film, and musicals), studying languages, and traveling abroad.

Derek Warwick is a senior at the University of Alberta in Canada with a major in Women's Studies and a minor in Creative Writing. He volunteers with the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund in an effort to educate youth about violence against women and is a new volunteer with the feminist radio show, "Adamant Eve." A pro-feminist activist, performer, and writer, he addresses primarily issues around race, sex, and violence. Although on a temporary hiatus, he is the founder of and blogs at

Verena Wendel is at present finishing her teaching degree with a major in English and Art, and a minor in Mathematics at the University Of Education in Ludwigsburg, Germany. In 2007 she received a scholarship and studied for one year at Eastern Oregon University through an academic exchange program. In her artwork, she focuses on printmaking, painting, and photography. Her interests lie in the correlation between biological and sociological variances in their constant state of flux. Therefore themes such as vulnerability, the wonderful structures and texture of our bodies, and their interactions with our environment are recurrent in her work.

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