transcending silence... Spring 2008 Issue


Vision Statement

Our vision this year (and similar to that of the previous four years) is to give everyone a place and opportunity to speak out. In this day and age, technology has become a vehicle not only to explore, share, and broaden horizons, but also to give people a chance to speak out and to be heard. This peer reviewed electronic journal is an example of the benefits of technology and reaches out and invokes the inner activist that can be found in all of us. No one is a stranger to silence, but not all of us have become familiarized and comfortable with our own voices. For too long, silence has been a normal presence in our lives, but now is the time for change. We have been given the opportunity to communicate with everyone both near and far so we should use it. transcending silence... is meant to do exactly what its title states, but also provides a door to change and change is the only way to break the mold and flourish while answering our nee! ds. Every person has needs,-- we were born with them-- here we can share them with each other. Let's take that silence that has been there all along and do what technology does best-- transcend it.

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