transcending silence... 2008 issue

2008 Editorial Board

editorial board 2008

From left to right and top to bottom:
Janice Chin, Mariah Rose Dahl, Lauren Nye,
Raziel BenReuben, Sabrina Tabarovsky, Robin Morris

Photo credit: Our hard working T.A. Elizabeth Doggett



Lauren Nye is the current editor-in-chief of the 2008 fifth anniversary edition of transcending silence… She is an English major and History minor. She enjoys writing non-fiction, and reading well written pieces of literature. She aspires one day to be employed by someone who cannot write effectively, and who is thus willing to pay someone else to convey their thoughts via the written language. She finds pleasure in traveling, meeting new people, good drink, and eating intensely flavored foods.

Raziel BenReuben is currently a junior at University at Albany. He is majoring in Communications while pursuing a double minor in Mathematics and Business. He enjoys a challenge and is always pushing himself to do produce the best work he can. One day he hopes to become a sports anchor on ESPN or become a math teacher. Working on transcending silence... has been a privilege and he hopes he can contribute to making this year's edition the best that it can be.

Janice Chin is a junior at University at Albany. She is an English major and also minors in Journalism. Janice plans to pursue further education in graduate school upon graduating in spring of ’09, and is also interested in studying culinary arts. An avid lover of food with an insatiable appetite, she plans to critique food while working on writing fiction and non-fiction work.

Mariah Rose Dahl is women’s studies major and fine arts minor at SUNY Albany. She enjoys helping humans start thinking about consumerism and its effect on the global community through eko-fashion and community action. She believes strongly that art is a powerful communication tool and works hard to challenge people to think outside “the box”.

Robin Morris is a graduating senior with a major in World History and a minor in Art History. She is a member of the Tau Sigma and the Phi Alpha Theta honor societies. She enjoys reading fantasy novels, visiting local museums and supporting local farms.

Sabrina Tabarovsky is a senior at the University at Albany and is majoring in psychology. Sabrina will be enrolled in Columbia University's social/organizational masters program in the fall. She is interested in diversity research, which would help attain equality for all in the workplace. She decided to become an editor for transcending silence... to contribute to the global discourse on race, class, and gender and to challenge herself to view these issues through multiple, varied lenses. She does not know what career path she wants to embark on yet , but does know that she will continue to help give voices to those who have been silenced in all her future endeavors.

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