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I Will Shed Tears for Virginia Tech


yolanda palmer  


Let me start by Shedding tears for Virginia tech

Morning started in tragedy

33 needless deaths

No thought that there would be no getting up

Nor rising from bed to morning coffee

No one knew tragedy approaches

Nor to those sitting in their seats

Lulling themselves as the professor speaks

No one knew tragedy approaches

All those needless worries

Concerns beyond tomorrow

Pondering their GPAs and coming summer break

Only to have it all slip away

For now their futures are gone

All with the taking of their last breath

Families worries too great to name

Hearts filled with placeless regret

As they search for someone to blame

(Maybe it was those video games he played)

I Shed tears for Virginia tech

While loved ones left to mourn the face, the person, the baby they sent off to school

Thinking only of promise ahead

And while mommies and daddies mourn their daughters and sons

There are politicians lobbying for more guns

Politics ready to inflict and insist that

Voting for their cause will be sure to thwart the next mishap

For as I Shed tears for Virginia tech

I hope no platform is created to launch some self driven cause

To further the fears of those left.



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