transcending silence... 2006 Issue

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Joanna Abad is a transfer student from the University of Hartford. Currently, she is a first semester senior at the University at Albany majoring in Communication and graduating in the Fall of 2006. After graduation, she hopes to move back to her hometown of New York City and pursue a career in the media industry.

Libby Becker is a Presidential Scholar with sophomore standing at the University at Albany. She is a Women's Studies major with a concentration in Global Studies and a minor in Public Health. She is interested in staying to pursue her Master's degree in Public Health here at the University, but she also looks forward to studying and volunteering abroad before she graduates. Currently, she is studying the global impacts of professionalized medicine on the practice of midwifery.

Marielle McKasty is a graduating senior majoring in Women's Studies and minoring in Spanish. She received the Arlene E. Ray Scholarship award for her academic achievement and community involvement. She plans to spend the award money on her graduation trip to Hawaii. She will continue to be active in her local community and in the future will attend graduate school.

Jennifer Punch is currently a senior at the University at Albany. She is an English Major and double minor in Journalism and Women's Studies. Jennifer is a member of the English Honors Society. She is also a BA Honors candidate for graduation for May '06. After enjoying four years of higher education at the University at Albany, Jennifer is ready for the next stage of her life.

Sara Querbes is a graduating senior majoring in Women's Studies and minoring in Sociology. Her piece "The Supreme Court, Sodomy Laws, and the Impact of the LGBT Movement in America," was published in the inaugural issue of transcending silence... Her Women's Studies Research Seminar analysis of the dangerously problematic Abstinence-only sexuality education curricula was chosen to receive a Presidential Award in Undergraduate research by the university. She hopes to further her research and writing in graduate school.

Angie Torres, currently a student at the University at Albany, is a Presidential Scholar and part of the Teaching Collective in the department of Women's Studies.

Nicole Wan is a fourth year undergraduate at the University at Albany. She plans on graduating in December '06 with a bachelors in Sociology and Woman's Studies and a minor in English. Nicole is a member in Teachers Collective (2005-2006); when she is not editing submissions or grading papers, she is writing and editing her own manuscripts.

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