transcending silence... 2006 Issue

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Kelly Conroy*


HIV/AIDS continues to be an important global feminist issue. We must not become complacent with the progress we have made in increasing access of HIV/AIDS treatment to third world women. Political, economic, social, and geographic barriers continue to prevent HIV-positive, third world women from receiving necessary treatment. As feminists, we need to be at the forefront of activism to ensure that all women have equal access to healthcare. We must continue to hold the manufacturers of HIV/AIDS drugs accountable for their role in the obstacles that these women face in obtaining treatment.



you protect  
  your patents  
and produce  
  your profits  
you see no purpose  
in protecting   third world women
AIDS is not a   pandemic  
  in your eyes  
  it will remain  
a tropical disease   until  
your greed   smugly shakes  
  your own hand  
and your suit doesn't drape  
  your silhouette  
as well as   it used to  
and you become  
a wound   that won't heal  



* Kelly Conroy is an undergraduate student at SUNY Oneonta. She is currently majoring in Africana and Latino Studies with a concentration in Women’s Studies. She is particularly interested in global women’s health issues. She has worked with diverse populations of women in domestic violence shelters, healthcare facilities, criminal justice systems, and transitional housing. She is a performance poet and has been a member of the SUNY Oneonta Poetry Slam Team. (Return)


Edited by: Libby Becker


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