transcending silence... 2005 Issue

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Editorial Board


Ryan Fish is currently a senior at University at Albany, with studies concentrating in Sociology and Women's Studies. He came to Albany 4 years ago from his hometown of New Castle, New Hampshire on the Northeast seacoast. He has relished his college life and will miss all the unique individuals he has met along the way.  

Jennifer Hanley is a University at Albany student in Anthropology and a Women's Studies minor, graduating in the Spring of 2005. She is a transfer student from Suffolk County Community College where she had been chief editor of the campus's women's issue literary magazine Lilith.

Joanelle Lusk, the managing editor of transcending silence… has returned to the Northeast and her hometown of Saratoga Springs after over a decade of life south of the Mason-Dixon. After the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at St. Petersburg College, she studied Creative Writing at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia. She is also a published writer and performance poet, most noted for her contributions to the G-Spot concerts and the “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!” Christmas benefit in the Tampa Bay area. Joanelle is currently pursuing an education in Women’s Studies, working on a novel, and exploring the potentials of hypertext fiction. She is looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the Women’s Studies Teaching Collective next year.

Jihyun Lyo, a member of editorial board of transcending silence... is currently attending University at Albany. She majors in Public Policy and minors in Chinese Studies and Women’s Studies.

Mandy T. Maguire is a transfer student from UMASS Boston and is currently finishing up her first year at the University at Albany. She is a double major in Women's Studies and English. After graduating in 2006, Mandy plans to move to New York to become a writer.  

Trista Neinast is a student at the University at Albany, with a major in History and a minor in Women’s Studies, graduating in May 2005. She is a member of the University’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams, and is also a paralegal in the Army Reserves.

Drew Pancila is a senior at the University at Albany and will be graduating with a B.A. in English, with a concentration in Writing and a minor in Communication. While at SUNY Albany, Drew has been a contributing writer for the Albany Student Press, an intern and Master Electrician at the historic Cohoes Music Hall, a member of several intramural teams and a judge for the Frankenstein student competition. He would like to acknowledge the UAlbany Department of English for a rigorous academic experience, and for their excellence in staff and education.  

Shoko Takizawa transferred from SUNY Cobleskill’s Child and Family Services Program to University at Albany’s Women Studies Department two years ago. She is Interested in supporting women psychologically. Her paper, "The Cultural Feminization of Men," was recently awarded the Presidential Scholar’s Award for undergraduate research. She is graduating this May.

leigh vandebogart, author of "Invisibility and Visibility of Queer Women and Lesbians In the Sex Work Industry Between 1970 to 1990," is currently a junior at the University at Albany . Interested in the Women's Studies curriculum at the University, Leigh transferred from Wells College and Schenectady County Community College. She is majoring in Women's Studies and looking into graduate work in the same field after her graduation in 2006. Leigh will be part of the Women's Studies Teaching Collective next year, and is looking forward to further involvement in the field of Women's Studies, both here at the University at Albany and elsewhere.

group photo editorial board (2005)

Back Row, Left to Right: Drew Pancila, Trista Neinast, Jennifer Hanley, Joanelle Lusk, leigh vandebogart, Jihyun Lyo
Front Row, L:eft to Right: Shoko Takizawa, Mandy MaGuire, Ryan Fish. (Photo: Vivien Ng)

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