transcending silence... 2004 Issue

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Editorial Board (2004)



We approached this project with abundant enthusiasm and a keen interest in developing a resource for scholar activism. The result is an undergraduate, peer-reviewed, electronic scholarly journal unlike any other.

This first editorial board proved to be an eclectic combination of students crossing boundaries of scholarly disciplines, interests, and personal talents. During the course of the semester, we encountered various challenges that strengthened not only our problem solving techniques, but also our overall group dynamic. We explored the scope of everyday activism, both locally and globally, in turn re-evaluating our personal perspective on the meaning of “transcending silence.”

We hope that in the creation of transcending silence… we have initiated an open forum, empowering undergraduate activists to break their silence.

Jonathan Charon
Majors: English, Women's Studies Minor: Education

Samuel Huntington
Major: History, Minor: International Perspectives

Maggie Johnson
Majors: English, Women's Studies Minor: History

Danielle MacDonald
Majors: Women's Studies, English Minor: Spanish

Jerrine Wyman
Majors: Women's Studies, Sociology

Janet Young
Majors: Women's Studies, English Minor: Education

Left to right: Jerrine Wyman, Maggie Johnson, Danielle MacDonald, Janet Young, Sam Huntington, Jonathan Charon.

Photo credit: Debbie Neuls.