EOP Freshman Summer Orientation Program

Each summer incoming EOP freshman students are required to participate in a mandatory five-week residential Summer Orientation Program at the University at Albany college campus. This comprehensive summer experience has been recognized as a model program in NYS for its level of success in preparing incoming students to excel in their college careers. This year’s Summer Orientation Program begins Sunday, July 2, 2017 and ends Friday, August 4, 2017.

The format of the five-week Summer Orientation Program includes:

  • Weekday small classroom instruction to remediate, enrich and better prepare our students for academic success at the University at Albany
  • Afternoon seminars on college survival/college success skills
  • Personal growth and development seminars
  • Financial Aid seminars
  • Personal and academic advisement sessions
  • A structured weeknight study period
  • Weekend outings/structured social events
  • Networking opportunities
  • A peer mentorship component

The summer instructional staff includes expert university lecturers who exclusively teach our EOP students during the academic year. The academic subjects covered during the summer orientation program involve pre-college work in writing/reading and mathematics.

In addition, each incoming EOP Summer Orientation Program student will be assigned their own EOP Counselor who will remain with them during their years at the University at Albany. These same EOP Counselors provide study skills instruction during the summer orientation program via a 3-credit University level course entitled The Freshman Year Experience.

A cohort group of achieving undergraduate students is hired to serve as EOP Summer Orientation Program Student Assistants and during the five-weeks they live in the residence halls with the incoming freshmen. They also assist in the instructional process and tutor/mentor the students during their summer orientation program experience. These Student Assistants are supervised by a graduate level University at Albany student who serves as the Summer Orientation Program’s Resident Director (RD). It is the RD’s role to supervise the summer orientation program residence as a whole and all of the EOP Summer Orientation Program students/student staff while in the dormitory and during evening/weekend activities.

The EOP Director oversees the entire five-week summer orientation program – to include all of its students and staff.

Benefits of participating in the EOP Summer Orientation Program at UAlbany:

  • You will get a head start on achieving academically at the University at Albany and in successfully transitioning from a high school senior to a college freshman
  • You will meet a group of fellow incoming EOP students who will become your friends, support group and your family away from home
  • You will receive instruction from recognized EOP faculty skilled in developmental education; some of whom will continue on as your Fall 2017 course instructors
  • You will be assigned your very own EOP Counselor who will be there to guide, advise, mentor and to advocate for you throughout your college career at the University at Albany
  • You will become familiar with your University at Albany campus, its administration, non-EOP faculty and professional staff
  • You will become familiar with the Albany, NY community via summer orientation program trips and activities
  • You will be mentored by a professional student staff who have all learned how to succeed at this University
  • You will be able to take care of any financial aid, housing, health, and any other University related matters during a period where the overall University at Albany student traffic will be at a reduced level
  • You will register for your Fall 2017 courses
  • You will learn success strategies that will remain with you for the rest of your life

All EOP Admitted Students MUST attend the Summer Orientation Program

Important Summer Dates
The summer orientation program begins on Sunday, July 2 at 1:00 p.m. on Indian Quad. If you wish, you can move in earlier starting at 9:00 a.m. on this date. The last day of the program is Friday, August 4. There will be an EOP parent orientation session on July 2 at 2:00 p.m. in Lecture Center 1.

Your Summer Home
You will be living in on-campus dormitory units on Indian Quad. Please report to that area once you arrive on campus.

For those students living in the New York City area, free buses will be sent to a designated place in New York City to bring you up to the campus. Sign up for buses will occur at the pre-testing sites. Sign up will take place on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, buses will be available to take you back to New York City on August 4. If you have another form of transportation to bring you to campus, please feel free to use it.

For family and friends to write you here at the University this summer, they can address the letter as follows:

Your Name, University at Albany
EOP Summer Program, LI94
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222
Use this address for SUMMER ONLY.

Pre-Registration for Fall 2017 Classes
Your EOP counselor will pre-register you for Fall 2017 classes during the third week of the Summer Orientation Program.

NO Stipends/Money
You are required to bring $80 to the summer program to cover the Campus Toolkit software package and two outings. This payment can be made on your pre-college test date (June 3 in NYC or June 24 in Albany), or Sunday, July 2, upon your arrival to campus. In addition, you will need to bring monies to assist in paying for other incidental expenses throughout the course of the program.

We will supply you with the books and supplies needed for summer instruction and group counseling sessions.

Important Telephone Numbers to Know
Should you have any additional questions or immediate concerns about the EOP program and/or the University, feel free to contact any one of the following offices:

EOP Office (518) 442-5180
Financial Aid Office (518) 442-3202
Undergraduate Admissions (518) 442-5435

Fall Housing/Meal Plan
You will register online for fall housing. You will also register for your meal plan at this time. If needed, our counselors will be available to assist you with the housing sign-up process.

Health Form
Included on this website is your "Required Health Form". Read the instructions and return this form to Student Health Services prior to July 1. Try to complete these forms before the summer orientation program; otherwise, you must complete them BEFORE you arrive for the fall semester.

Health Insurance
Please bring Health Insurance card/information (i.e. Insurance ID info/number or if covered by Medicaid, your Medicaid ID information) with you in the event that you may need medical attention. Please note that parents will be contacted if any medical attention is necessary.

Senior Grades
It is your responsibility to notify your guidance counselor of your choice of college so he/she can forward your final transcript to Undergraduate Admissions. All students must complete high school requirements by the end of June (no exceptions).

Needed Supplies
The University does not supply bedding; therefore, all students must bring their own pillow, blanket, (twin-size) sheets, toiletries, etc. Also, plan to bring (along with your casual clothing), hangers, and two semi-formal (dressy) outfits for our “Get Acquainted” and “Evening to Remember” parties. Also, bring a small study lamp with you. It will likely be hot this summer and the residence halls do not have air conditioning. Please bring a fan and water or other liquids to stay hydrated. All other personal items can be purchased on campus or at one of the local shopping malls.

Cell Phones
Students are allowed to bring their cell phones, however during the summer orientation program usage is confined to the residence halls only. Cell phones used outside the residence halls will be confiscated and returned at the end of the summer orientation program.

Students are allowed to bring their laptops however, the program will take no responsibility if lost or stolen.

Pell Forms
These need to be completed and forwarded to the Financial Aid Office. Please be certain to check income information. Their address is: Financial Aid Office, CC G26, University at Albany, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222.

Important Dates
August 28 Classes begin
August 28 Book Stipend Release Slip pick-up in the EOP complex

Weekend Travel
Although you will be permitted to go home on the second (July 14-16) and third (July 21-23) weekends, students are encouraged to stay on campus during this five-week period. If you do leave, you must be back on campus by 6:00 p.m. No students will be permitted to go home the weekends of July 7-9 and July 28-30.

Disabled Students
The University is aware of the unique concerns of disabled persons. Please notify the EOP Office immediately so that we can make special arrangements for you.

Group Counseling Sessions
Group counseling sessions will take place three afternoons a week. These sessions, facilitated by our six EOP counselors, will give you an opportunity to develop an additional expertise in these following areas: financial aid, financial management, coping skills, decision-making, leadership development, career advising and counseling, academic advising, etc.

Structured Tutorials
During the evening hours (7:00-9:00 p.m.), there will be a planned structured study/ tutorial program in which you will be expected to do your class assignments. There will be 10 Student Assistants on duty to assist you. Instructors will also be available on designated evenings.

Social and Cultural Activities
To aid you in adjusting to the City of Albany, there will be an available calendar of public events.

If you need further information regarding EOP and/or its 5-week Summer Orientation Program, please feel free to contact:
Maritza Martinez
EOP Director – LI 94
University at Albany
Albany, NY 12222
(518) 442-5180