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Upcoming WCI Events

Writing Contest!

The WCI Program is holding its first Writing Contest.  Students enrolled in WCI up to December 1st - including those from the 2013-2014 year, are invited to submit writing in the following categories: Personal Narrative, Argument, Analysis.

Submission Period: Monday, December 1-Friday, December 19.  Submissions will be judged by panels comprised of both instructors and students.  Winners will read their work at a celebratory event in the Spring of 2015, have their work used as samples in future WCI classes, elevate their CVs, and have total bragging rights!

For submission details or questions, contact WCI Instructor Amanda Giracca at Papers should be submitted to the following address

Capital District Writing Project

The CDWP will meet Saturday, March 29th. The event brings together teachers from area high schools and instructors from the WCI program to examine the challenges shared by teachers of writing as well as the differences in their respective situations as high school or college teachers.  Positive outcomes will be strategies to build bridges between the writing tasks students have in high school and those they have in college. 

WCI Poet Published

WCI professor and poet Juliette Gutmann has had her poem "Process 1: Cursive Distance" published in the magazine Barzakh. Gutmann's poem is a letter, one the journal describes as a "message, cherished yet estranged. Without conflating or assuming a consensus between the writer and the reader, between the past and the present, the letter nonetheless becomes the fold, correspondence, that brings them into intimate relation." Barzakh explains itself as a "multi-genre journal with an international stance," publishing in a variety of mediums; the journal is out of the English Department at the University of Albany. Visit Barzakh and read Gutmann's poem here.

Faculty Contributions

The Writing and Critical Inquiry faculty, in addition to teaching, have made a number of contributions to the scholarship in their fields during this academic year. Their work includes a variety of publications as well as presentations at writing and literature conferences.

Dr. Robert Yagelski, Program Director, and Laura Wilder of the English Department presented findings from their study, "Describing Cross-Disciplinary Analytic Moves in First-Year College Student Writing," at the Conference on Writing Research in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on August 28, 2014.

Dr. Susan Cumings presented her paper, “Face On, Face Off: YA Fiction's Discursive Activism on Cranio-Facial Anomaly" at the Nomadikon/Center for the Ethics Of Seeing Symposium on Phenomenology of Face/Faces, in Athens, GA October 2014. Young Adult Fiction is investigated as a strategic site for interrupting social and economic discrimination based on anomalies of the face. "Discursive activism" is writing that changes the world!

Lisa Arrastia's article "The Bridge Back to Blackness: Chris Johnson and the Art of Social Transformation" was featured in the spring 2014 issue of Exposure: The Journal for the Society for Photographic Education (spring 2014): 4-17. You can read the article online here.