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Shawn Jasinski to be Recognized at Torch Night.
Earlier in the semester, graduating seniors nominated Shawn Jasinski to be the Torch Night Professor at the upcoming ceremony in May, and in April, it was made official: he will be the Torch Night Professor. This award goes to a faculty member who has had a significant impact, both academically and personally, on students at the University at Albany. This is quite the achievement for both Shawn and our growing WCI program. It is an honor well deserved.
Join us on the Academic Podium at 8:30pm on May 14th to celebrate this great achievement.
For more information, and a brief interview with the 2016 Torch Night Professor, click on the following link: Interview.

WCI Peer Mentor Wins President's Award
Madeeha B. Khan, peer mentor in the WCI program, recognized with a 2016 President's International Student Leadership Award. Congratulations, Madeeha! The WCI program is extremely proud of you.

And, the winners of the 2016 Writing & Critical Inquiry essay contest are...
....In the Campus Center Hall on April 27th, from 2:30-4:30pm, we will be celebrating the winners and finalists for the 2015-16 Writing & Critical Inquiry Essay Contest. You'll have the opportunity to listen to the winning essayists read from their own work. For more information about attending the event (how to RSPV), click the following link: CLICK ME.

2016 SUNY C.O.W. Conference at Albany is a Success!
On March 4-5, the University at Albany hosted the 2016 Council on Writing. The event was a success, and many WCI faculty members not only helped organize the conference but presented at the conference as well. For more information on the conference, click the following link. It will take you to the conference schedule and official webpage: CLICK ME.