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In addition to digital images, other multimedia resources, such as audio files, moving images, and digital presentations, are available free of charge to educators. The following list describes some of the more prominent multimedia resources for art, art history, and architecture education.

Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) (

Provides educators with access to thousands of multimedia educational resources for a range of education levels. Also an aggregator of educational resources that will index and provide access to your content. Can be browsed by subject, such as “Arts,” and is full-text searchable.

Internet Archive (

Provides free access to a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. The Moving Image Collection includes collections such as Brick Films, Net Café, Open Mind, Open Source Movies, Prelinger Archives, SIGGRAPH Electronic Theatre, Lutz Mommartz Film Archive, BBC Documentary Video Collection, Media Burn, and Independent Video Archive. Also provides a Live Music Archive, a Software Archive, and Web Archives.

Library of Congress Teacher's Portal (

Multimedia resource providing access to more than ten million primary sources for all education levels, including “Webcasts for Teachers” (videos and sound files) located at, which is browsable by subject such as Biography, History, Culture, Performing Arts, etc.

Making Sense of Marcel Du Champ (

A Macromedia Flash-based site with images and commentary on the artwork of Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp’s artwork is organized chronologically according to a timeline at the top of the page. Flash animations give insight into his methods and ideas.

Moving Image Collections (MIC) Database (

Collocates catalog records for moving images from repositories around the world. Currently contains over 340,000 catalog records, some of which link to moving images available for immediate download or streaming. Can be explored through subjects such as “Art, Photography, and Architecture” or through form/genre such as “Experimental.”

Open Video Project Collection (

Selects and makes available a repository of digitized video content with collections including CHI Video Retrospective, Digital Himalaya Project, the Informedia Project at Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Maryland HCIL Open House Video Reports.

University of Michigan Digital Library Production Services Image Collections (;c=hiaaic;g=arch-ic)

A searchable collection of high-resolution drawings and floor plans from ancient sites around the world. The images can be downloaded and viewed (at four different sizes) for educational use only.

WikiMedia Commons-Art Category (

An eclectic collection of art and architecture photographs. The images posted by "Jastrow" focused on classical antiquity are particularly impressive.

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