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The UAlbany Undergraduate Research Conference

Celebrating Academic Excellence in Research


About the Undergraduate Research Conference

University at Albany's annual Undergraduate Research Conference began in 2004 to highlight the research and creative work of undergraduates at UAlbany. Since then, undergraduates have shared their research and creative work each year with their peers, the university faculty, and the community.

All undergraduates at the University at Albany are encouraged to participate in the Undergraduate Research Conference. The conference is held every spring, and is free and open to the public. Family members, friends, and faculty mentors are invited to come in support of students presenting their research and creative work.

Submit a proposal to participate in the 2012 Undergraduate Research Conference!

Information about submitting a proposal and the proposal form is available for download here. The form can be completed and submitted through email. Instructions for doing this are included on the proposal form.

The 2012 Undergraduate Research Conference will be held on Friday afternoon, April 27 and all day Saturday, April 28 in the UAlbany Lecture Center. For the first time, we will have one day of the conference on a Friday - which will make it easier for some students and professors to attend. As in the past, the conference will include poster presentations and paper presentations. For more information on what it is like to present a poster or a paper, see the "information for conference participants" link on the left navigation bar.

Students are encouraged to present their senior thesis, independent study project, project from coursework, or results from internship experience. Completed work can be presented, as can work that is "in progress."

Students in the visual or performing arts are encouraged to display or perform some of their work.

The 2011 Conference

The 2011 Undergraduate Research Conference was held on Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3 in the UAlbany Lecture Center. As in the past, the conference included poster presentations and paper presentations. You can view the complete program for the conference.

Professor James Dias, the Vice President for Research,opened the Undergraduate Research Conference by presenting this year's Provost Awards - presented to the best research projects at the conference. This years recipients were:

Nicholas Cantales, Major in Finance, "Is the use of Arbitrage an Effective Strategy in Institutional Portfolios?" Project Advisor: Professor David Smith

Ali Chaudry, Major in Physics, "Robust and Economical Autonomous Navigation via Advanced Bayesian Methods." Project Advisor: Professor Kevin Knuth

Kathryn Swimm, Major in History, "The Ascension and Deterioration of the Rights of Dutch Women in Albany: 1650-1750." Project Advisor: Professor Richard Hamm

Eight additional students received an Honorable Mention for their research presentations:

Alicia Bentley, Major in Atmospheric Science "A Preliminary Climatology of Tropical Moisture Exports in the Southern Hemisphere." Project Advisor: Professor Lance Bosart

Lauren Berchoff, Major in English " The Role of Rosalind in William Shakespeare’s Play As You Like It." Project Advisor: Professor Langdon Brown

Jillian Caramanna, Major in English " The Backwards Making of a Heroine: Mary Cowden Clarke’s Girlhoods and Their Importance in the Shakespearean Conversation." Project Advisor: Professor Martha Rozett

Gregg Castellucci, Major in Linguistics " A description of the Plattsburgh, New York dialect of North American French and an analysis of its liaison retention and innovation." Project Advisor: Professor Cynthia Fox

Meredith Dedopoulos, Major in Criminal Justice " An Assessment of a Batterer Intervention Program." Project Advisor: Professors Alissa Worden

Andrew Orayfig, Major in Psychology " Cultivation of Mindfulness and Acceptance Processes in ACT and CBT: A Randomized Clinical Trial in a Pure Self Help Context."
Project Advisor: Professor John Forsyth

Daniel Sellers, Major in Biology "Further Studies on DNA Coordination with Hafnium Oxide." Project Advisor: Professor Nathaniel Cady

Cuauhtémoc Vidal-Guzman, Major in Anthropology "Signs of Violence at Mayapán: A comparison between the Taphonomy of human and animal remain." Project Advisor: Professor Marilyn Masson

The 2010 Conference

The 2010 Undergraduate Research Conference, held on April 17 and 18, was much larger than the conferences held in recent years - reflecting the greater involvement of undergraduates at UAlbany in the research process in all majors. More than 80 students presented their research and scholarly work. Two poster sessions were held on Saturday, and a series of concurrent paper sessions took place both afternoons.

The Provost of the University, Susan Phillips, opened the Undergraduate Research Conference by presenting this year's Provost Awards - presented to the best research projects at the conference. This years recipients were:

Dylan Depice: “Cooperation and Altruism: Intrinsic Mechanisms of Self-Interest.” Project Advisor: Dr. Morton Schoolman


Karen Torrejon: “Synthesis Optimization and Characterization of T3 Encapsulated Chitosan-PLGA Nanoparticles and Their Effect on Angiogenesis.” Project Advisor: Dr. Shaker Mousa



Stacey Farmer:“Alternative Treatment Delivery Systems: A Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating the Effectiveness of ACT in the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.” Project Advisor: Dr. John Forsyth




Honorable Mentions were received by:

Jason Behnke “Bacterial Growth Inhibition of Nanomaterial-Modified Fabrics.” Project Advisor: Dr. Nathaniel Cady. Collaborator: Aaron Strickland.

Nicole Cappuccitti “Imaginary Attachments and Wonderful Expressions: Misguided Purposes of Marriage in 19th Century British Literature.” Project Advisor: Dr. Randall Craig

Steven DeBraccio “The Legality of Solitary Confinement.”

Neelam Gera “Analysis of Internal Tension of DNA Kissing Complexes through Florescent Resonance Spectroscopy.” Project Advisor: Dr. Pan Li

Barbara Graham “Bioengineering Tissue Constructs Using Elastic Alginate Hydrogels.” Project Advisor: Dr. Melinda Larsen. Interdisciplinary mentors: Dr. Yubing Xie and Dr. Magnus Bergkvist.

Erika Kneeland “Respiratory Sinus Arrythmia Functions as a Buffer Against Effects of Harsh Parenting.” Project Advisor: Dr. Elana Gordis

Laura Mariconda “The Role of Par Complex in the Development of the Retinotectal Map in Zebrafish.” Project Advisor: Dr. John Schmidt

Kaitlin McGrath “Ridiculed Diminished Oppressors: The Portrayal of Colonial Period Japanese in Korean Films.” Project Advisor: Dr. David Eason

Jonathan Nardi “The Effect of Mutual Fund Size on Index-Adjusted Returns.” Project Advisor: Dr. David M. Smith

Thomas J. Rivera “Tax Policy Implications for Inter-State Migration.” Project Advisor: Dr. Laurence Kranich

Michelle Stiles “Neuropsychological Performance in Cannabis Users and Non-Users Following Motivation Manipulation.” Project Advisor: Dr. Mitch Earleywine

A full copy of the conference program is available. The program includes the schedule of poster and paper sessions in the front and descriptions of each student's project after the schedule. Professors who mentored each student's research project are listed in the descriptions.

A full copy of the 2009 conference program is also available.

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