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Undergraduate Bulletin 2008-2009

Program in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

The B.A. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is offered as an interdisciplinary study of significant breadth spanning two classical disciplines. Students electing this major have the potential to realize new opportunities for personal enrichment and career development. However, those students committed to seeking advanced degrees in a more traditional field, such as Atmospheric Science, should pursue the corresponding B.S. degree instead. All students contemplating any of the curricula described here should thoroughly discuss their options with personnel of the Advisement Services Center (ASC) and a department undergraduate adviser before formal declaration of a specific major.

Degree Requirements for the Major in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

General Program B.A.: A minimum of 56-60 credits for the combined major and minor including: A Phy 105 or 140 or 141, 106 or 145, 108 or 150 or 151, 109 or 155; A Mat 101, 108, 111; A Chm 120 or 130; A Env 105, A Env 250 or A Gog 101; A Geo 106; A Atm 100 or 102, 210 or 210Z, 211; two courses from A Gog 304, 385, 431, 496; a total of at least 12 credits from the following, including at least one course from each discipline: A Env 327, 350, 420, 435, 450, 466, A Atm 301, 304 or 304Z, 305, 307 or 307Z, 311, 335.