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University at Albany Undergraduate Bulletin - 2004-2005

Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses

The following undergraduate courses offered by the specified school or college during 2004-2005 are considered liberal arts and sciences courses for the purposes of degree requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degrees.

College of Arts and Sciences:
All courses except A Csi 198, A Eaj 423, A Eco 495, A Heb 450, A Mat 204, A Mus 315, A Thr 315

School of Business:
B Bus 250, B Law 200, B Law 220, B Mgt 341, B Mgt 481, B Mkt 351, B Msi 215, B Msi 220

School of Criminal Justice:
All courses

School of Education:
E Edu 275, 375; E Est 120, 300, 301, 497; E Psy 420, 460; E Tap 402, 455

School of Information Science and Policy:
R Isp 100, 301, 361, 499Z

School of Public Affairs: All R Pad courses except R Pad 110, 111, 210, 211
All R Pos and R Pub courses

School of Social Welfare:
R Ssw 200, 210, 220, 301, 322, 408, 409, 421, 450, 499

Division of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation:
no courses

School of Public Health:
H Epi 460; H Sph 201

General Education Honors Program Tutorials:
All courses

University-wide Courses:
All U Fsp courses, all U Uni courses, and all U Unl courses.

The chart on the following page lists all University at Albany majors and whether the major leads to a B.A. or B.S. degree.

The charts on the page after that list all the “BAMA” programs-combined baccalaureate + master’s programs that are designed to assist students interested in obtaining a graduate degree as quickly as possible.

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