Annual Report

University Senate, University Life Council


“The council shall be responsible for the quality of university life outside of the formal instruction program which is recognized to have significant impact on the overall education experience. The council will recommend policies to the Senate governing university community conditions that affect the overall health, safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff. This includes but is not limited to counseling, medical clinical services, financial aid, international student affairs, placement, residence living, student behavior and conduct, student government, athletics and recreation, and services and programs for part-time and emeriti faculty.”

The University Life Council held nine meetings during the academic year.  The Council considered several issues within its charge and introduced one bill and one resolution to the University Senate.

Revised charge to ULC

Two members of the By-Laws Committee met with ULC to discuss the substantial changes in the new charge. Members expressed concern about the reduced number of professional staff on Council and on a seeming overlap in the charge to ULC and normal duties of administrative staff.  ULC agreed to postpone further discussion of these issues until the 2004-2005 academic year.

Placement of newspapers/freedom of expression

These issues were first addressed by CAFÉ. A draft newspaper placement bill was presented to ULC for input and recommendations. Several changes were recommended. ULC supported the bill.

School spirit/college traditions

Some committee members recommended that ULC work to increase school spirit, especially to increase faculty members’ involvement in campus life. Geoff Williams, University Archivist, gave a slide presentation to ULC on the history of numerous campus traditions.

Suspension of classes for two Muslim holy days

Members of the Muslim Students Association proposed that classes be cancelled in recognition of the two major Muslim holidays, Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha. A subcommittee of ULC investigated the proposal and recommended support of a Senate bill to suspend classes on those two days. ULC members overwhelmingly supported the bill. A bill was presented to Senate and a revised version was passed. The revised bill calls for suspension of classes for the Muslim holidays for the 2004-2005 year. ULC is charged with considering the issue of suspension of classes for any religious holidays during the next academic year.

Pedestrian safety on and off campus

A subcommittee of ULC investigated pedestrian and bicycle safety at the University. They found numerous areas of concern. Members met with administrators, photographed dangerous areas and developed a resolution on pedestrian safety issues. The resolution was passed unanimously by the Senate.

Members of ULC 2003-2004

Ex officio:       James Doellefeld, Vice President for Student Affairs

                        Carl Martin, Associate VP for Student Affairs—designee

Teaching faculty:

                        Karen Brown, University Libraries

                        Lindsay Childs, Mathematics and Statistics

                        Sanjay Goel, MSIS

                        Gwen Moore, Sociology (chair)

                        Kwadwo Sarfoh, Africana Studies

Professional employees:

                        Michael Christakis, Residential Life

                        Sally D’Alessandro, Residential Life

                        Christine DeLaMater, Advancement Events

                        Christa Downey, ASC/US

                        John Gendron, Financial Aid

                        Catherine Herman, Financial Aid

                        Carol Jewell, University Libraries

                        Susan Maloney, School of Business, Dean’s Office

                        Tiffany Varlaro, Residential Life

Graduate student:

                        Florencia Cornet

Undergraduate student:

                        Maryam Amid