University Life Council
Minutes of Meeting Nov. 20, 2003

Present: Catherine Herman, Florencia Cornet, Karen Brown, Kwadwo Sarfoh, Christa B. Downey, Susan Maloney, Lindsay Childs, Sally D’Alessandro, Carol H. Jewell, Mike Christakis, Christy DeLaMater, Carl Martin, Jack Gendron, Gwen Moore (chair), Geoffrey Williams (guest)

1. Approval of minutes of October meeting, as amended

2. Geoff Williams, University Archivist, gave a slide presentation on University at Albany traditions 1888-2003. Geoff followed university traditions from the arrival of the Minerva statue in 1888 to the present. He noted traditions that remain as well as those that have disappeared over the years. He is also working on a Chronological History of the University at Albany with the completed part on the University web site.

3. Report of the Transportation Committee: The committee met with various university officials while considering issues of pedestrian safety on campus. Lindsay Childs, Sally D’Alessandro, and Carol H. Jewell, the committee members, will recommend addition of at least one crosswalk and perhaps another stop sign in the State Quad area. The committee will continue to consider pedestrian safety issues.

4. ULC will begin consideration of the new charter from the Senate at the next meeting. A comparison of the “old” and “new” charters will be made and discussed.

5. Christa Downey reported on the Environmental Task Force, an informal group on campus addressing environmental issues. She proposed that ULC add an Environmental Issues committee. This issue can be discussed further when we consider the new charter for ULC.

6. Cathy Herman reported on the Spirit Committee and noted that no teaching faculty are active on it. She asked for help in finding interested faculty for the committee. ULC agreed to endorse the Spirit Committee and to assist in recruiting faculty members.

Next meeting: Thursday, December 11, 2003, Standish Room, Science Library at 3:30