University Life Council
Minutes of October 16, 2003 meeting

Members present: Carol H. Jewell, Karen Brown, Kwadwo Sarfoh, Florencia Cornet, Lindsay Childs, Sanjay Goel, Susan Maloney, Jack Gendron, Michael Christakis, Sally D’Allesandro, Christa B. Downey, Catherine Herman, John M. Murphy, Gwen Moore (chair)

1. Approval of September minutes with the following correction: Carol Jewell did not say that handicap-accessible parking was poor but rather that handicap access on campus was poor.

2. Carolyn MacDonald spoke to ULC members about the proposed new Senate Charter and Faculty By-laws. She focused on the ULC charge in the new Charter and asked to have questions or proposed changes directed to her.

Old business

3. Lindsay Childs reported on his research on transportation issues on campus. He looked at the Master Plan and noted that implementation does not always follow the plan which includes a vehicle-free area around the podium. Pedestrian and bicycle traffic faces numerous difficulties and the construction of a new administration building has brought many heavy construction vehicles to campus. The construction plan calls for construction traffic to use the State Quad lot and roadway for access to the site. Committee members discussed safety issues related to the construction traffic on the roadway from State Quad to the Podium, a path which students must cross at least daily to get to class. Additionally, many students with disabilities live in State Quad.

An extended discussion of how to improve pedestrian safety ensued. Suggestions included painting crosswalks at the roadways by State Quad, adding additional speed bumps around the campus, and trying to change the culture so that pedestrians are given the right of way. ULC could coordinate an educational campaign so drivers know that the law requires ceding the right-of-way in a crosswalk to pedestrians. The committee also discussed possible penalties for violation of crosswalks such as a large fine and the removal of parking privileges.

A Transportation committee was formed. Members are Lindsay, Sally and Carol. This committee will contact the University Police for information on laws and enforcement.

New business

4. Council members agreed to consider the ULC charge in the new charter over several future meetings.

5. Mike and Cathy, who are on the President’s Committee on Spirit and School Pride, suggested that ULC focus on school spirit. For example, the Council could work to change faculty perceptions of Fountain Day and to increase participation of graduate students in it. A member suggested involving faculty in cooking for students at the celebration. Another suggestion was a Midnight Breakfast served by faculty on the quads before finals. Cathy suggested that we invite Geoff Williams to talk at our next meeting on the old traditions on campus.