UASBIGThe University at Albany School of Business Investment Group (UASBIG) is a student-run investment fund whose activities are sponsored by CIIM. The UASBIG portfolio aims to outperform the returns of the S&P 1500 index (composed of the S&P 500 large-cap index, S&P 400 mid-cap index, and S&P 600 small-cap index) after all transaction costs and any expenses incurred by UASBIG. The portfolio's stocks are limited to components of the S&P 1500.

The mission of UASBIG is to assist The University at Albany Foundation in supporting the University at Albany's broad educational purpose. The primary objective of UASBIG is to maximize the value of assets under management with adherence to a sound long-term investment policy which also preserves the real, inflation-adjusted value of assets. Additionally, UASBIG provides an environment conducive to the education of undergraduate students who have a genuine interest in and passion for the field of finance. The group affords students the opportunity to learn proper research techniques for successful portfolio and investment management and to manage a portfolio of "live" assets.

Approximately 30 students participate in UASBIG as security analysts. During monthly conference calls, students pitch to the Advisory Board the stocks they have analyzed. The officers of UASBIG prepare regular performance reports and make annual presentations to the Foundation Board.

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Here is the group's entry in the CFA Global Research Challenge for 2014

UASBIG Members, January 2013
UASBIG Members, January 2013

2013-2014: Michael Rodrigues and Elton Soriano
2012-2013: Ryan Kennedy and George Hoffman

Chief Financial Officer:
2013-2014: Nicholas Randone
2012-2013: Matthew Buechele

Chief Risk Officer:
2013-2014: Andrew Henderson
2012-2013: Joe Esposito

Meeting Chair:
2013-2014: Jorge Perez
2012-2013: John Astarita

Director of Public Relations:
2013-2014: Nicholas Moore
2012-2013: Kathryn Pendergast


Peter Alfieri Chris Nisser Peter Rodrigues
Karl Bauer  Matthew Nizza JonMichael Shekian
Ryan DeVeo Jorge Perez GB Shokunbi
Andrew Henderson Kristen Pfaffe Etton Soriano
Shawn Laljit Nick Randoneo Ryan Stern
Logan Lyke David Rinaldo
Nick Moore Michael Rodrigues

Advisory Board:
Michael Carmen
DeForest Hinman
Gary Jacobson
Matt Reiner
Michael Carmen
Prof. Christophe Faugere
Prof. Hany Shawky
Prof. David Smith

Recruiting is done during the fall semester. The group admits only students with a solid academic record. Candidates must possess excellent critical thinking and time management skills. The main recruitment season consists of presentations by current officers and members in lecture center classes, as well as mass e-mails sent to all School of Business students. Interested candidates are also encouraged to speak with current members in order to gain insight about the group, as well as the level of commitment that is required.

Do you think you might be interested in applying for a position as an analyst in UASBIG?
Here are some of the most common benefits that membership in UASBIG provides to its members:
  • The opportunity to bridge the gap between what’s learned in the classroom and what’s actually done on “the street”
  • The opportunity to network with and learn from alumni and advisory board members
  • The opportunity to set yourself apart from other job candidates in a job field that is increasingly competitive
  • Becoming fluent in the language of financial analysis, specifically, knowing how to make sense of financial statements and company reports
  • The opportunity to learn how fundamental equity research is done, and to value an equity security
  • The opportunity to manage a “live” portfolio of assets
  • The opportunity to work in a fast-paced, team oriented environment with peers who share similar interests with you, and who are motivated to succeed
While UASBIG provides unlimited benefits there are also strong responsibilities associated with being a member of the group. UASBIG manages a “live portfolio” therefore active management of securities and industries will be required. Each member is also required to create and update extensive Excel models, a process that is both challenging and rewarding for analysts.
Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to email questions to uasbig@gmail.com

To further build the group, an advisory board of faculty and alumni was created to combine both academic and “street” insight to be used in evaluating the group’s investment proposals, as well as to help guide the direction of the overall group. The advisory board is comprised of the following distinguished Alumni and School of Business faculty:

Michael Carmen, BS ‘84, MBA, CFA
Michael is a Partner and Senior Vice President at Wellington Management Company LLP. After starting out in auditing, Michael entered the investment management business at Sanford C. Bernstein. He joined Wellington in 2000, and now manages a number of growth-oriented portfolios, including mutual funds, institutional accounts and hedge funds. Michael brings immense knowledge and experience to the group, and keeps students disciplined in considering the valuation where their views differ from consensus.

Gary Jacobson, BA ’82, MBA
After earning his MBA, Gary started out on the sell-side, and quickly became a well-known retail analyst. After creating a long track record of solid investment recommendations, notably Coleco during “Cabbage Patch Kids” mania, as well as Blockbuster when the chain only had 18 stores, he was named “All Star Analyst” in the Entertainment Industry by The Wall Street Journal in 1997. He then decided to take his expertise and instinct for picking winners to the buy-side, where he spent 12 successful years. Gary currently manages his own hedge fund, and remains an active alumnus within the University community. Gary brings a tremendous amount of insight, critical thinking, enthusiasm, and passion to the group.

DeForest Hinman, BA ’05
Enrolled in the Financial Analyst Program during its early stages, DeForest graduated Summa Cum Laude from the School of Business at the University at Albany. After interning at Paradigm Capital Management in 2005, he went back to work full-time as a research analyst. In 2007, DeForest left Paradigm to become a partner in Walthausen & Co., a small-cap value investment management company. He currently is a research analyst for both the small-cap value fund, and small-mid cap value fund. He regularly teaches seminars in security analysis, research, and financial modeling to members of UASBIG. DeForest brings an abundance of knowledge about security selection and modeling, as well as great industry insight.

Matt Reiner, CFA, MBA
Matt started his investment career in 1994 as a sell-side research associate with CL King & Associates. He served as Senior Analyst, Vice President and Portfolio Manager for CL King’s Investment Advisory business, Paradigm Capital Management from 1998-2004. In February 2005, Matt joined Adirondack Funds, where he is currently a Portfolio Manager. He co-manages the Adirondack Small-Cap Fund, which has received Morningstar’s highest rating over the past three years. Matt brings great knowledge of the field, as well as outside-the-box thinking, and enthusiasm to the group.

David M. Smith, Ph.D. 1989, CFA, CMA
Professor Smith received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech in 1989. He has received the President’s and Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching. An active member of the CFA Institute, he also encourages and advises School of Business students wishing to enroll in the CFA Program. A well-published author, his teaching and research interests include corporate finance and investments.

Christophe Faugère, Ph.D. 1993
Professor Faugère received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Rochester in 1993. His principal subject areas in teaching and research include corporate finance, stock valuation models, derivatives, as well as behavioral finance.

Hany A. Shawky, Ph.D. 1978
Professor Shawky received his Ph.D. from Ohio State University in 1978. His principal subject areas in teaching and research include: corporate finance, portfolio management, international finance, stock valuation models, and hedge funds. Professor Shawky brings his passion for research and finance to the classroom, as he teaches the Senior Financial Analyst Thesis class, while working closely with each student.