TO: Seth Chaiken, Chair, Undergraduate Academic Council
FROM: Sheila A. Mahan
SUBJECT: Report of the Task Force on Academic Advisement
DATE: January 28, 2005

On behalf of Dean Sue Faerman, and the members of the Task Force on Academic Advisement, I am pleased to transmit to you this report of the Task Force.

As you know, the Task Force has been working since the summer to understand current practices with the goal of codifying them into a policy statement, as well as to identify those matters that, if addressed, could improve academic advisement throughout the University.

In addition, the enclosed report identifies a number of implementation tasks that the Task Force has identified, and virtually all members of the Task Force have expressed a willingness to keep working on these issues through the spring semester. If there are additional members from UAC or the University community to assist in this phase of the work, they would be most welcome to join as well.

You might also recall that several Task Force members thought it would be advisable to circulate the report and proposed policy to the chairs of departments offering undergraduate programs for their feedback prior to UAC taking final action on it. The Task Force members would be more than willing to assist in that campus-wide discussion phase, if you wish.

Once you have had a chance to discuss with UAC how you would like to proceed, please feel free to call upon me or other members of the Task Force who are not also members of UAC.