Undergraduate Academic Council – MINUTES

Meeting Date:
Thursday, December 4, 2003, 9:45 AM-10:45 AM

Richard Collier, Sue Faerman, Robert Gibson, Gerald Burke, John Delano, Reed Hoyt, Trudi Jacobson, Clarence McNeill (Guest), Steve Messner, Sue Phillips, Joan Savitt, Helene Scheck, Joshua Smith, Greg Stevens

Minutes from the November 20, 2003 meeting were reviewed and approved. No updates were required.

Chair’s Report:

- Two bills approved by Council have been passed by the Senate: (1) Elimination of Gen Ed
Honors Program, (2) Revision to Dean’s List Criteria/Dean’s Commendation for Part-Time
Students. The Chair noted the Senate’s lack of discussion of the revisions to the second bill.

- Next week Sheila Mahan will present a new admissions plan in keeping with recent legislation.

- The Chair took a survey of Council members’ available day of the week for future meetings.
All present stated they were available to continue meeting on Thursdays.

- The Chair continues to review previous minutes never submitted to Council and will enlist
members’ assistance with the review process. Once updated, the minutes will be presented to
Council for approval.

- Administration sent a memo to Department Chairs regarding posting of student grades and
using proper ID numbers.

- The Chair urged members to attend the Bylaws meeting next week and reminded everyone of
the upcoming vote. The Chair also mentioned that there will be an increase in teaching faculty
members on the Council.

English Department Proposal
Within the proposal are courses utilizing the same course number as previous courses. Bob Gibson volunteered to contact the English Department to request a number change.

Change in Degree Requirements for the Major in Philosophy
A request was submitted to change required courses in the Philosophy major to read “A Phi 110L or A Phi 111L”. Both courses are introductions to Philosophy, and either should count for the required course. The proposal was referred to the Curriculum and Honors Committee. The Dean requested the Committee consider the implications of more than one introductory course in terms of major assessment.

Music Department – Curriculum Revisions
The proposal was referred to the Curriculum and Honors Committee.

Proposal for New Interdisciplinary Minor
A course action form was submitted for an Organization Studies minor. The proposal was referred to the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee

Transfer Credit For Military Courses/Experience
The Dean reviewed a student request to receive credit for classes equivalent to ROTC courses. The campus ROTC officer, Major Mark Johnson, reviewed the material sent by the Dean. His recommendation was to grant four credits for the student’s military service, the equivalent of taking R Pad 110, 111, 210, and 211. The request would not include upper-level courses. A question was raised regarding Senate legislation from the mid-1980’s indicating credit is not given for military experience. The Dean reviewed a transcript of Marine Corp basic training classes. These classes are not DANTES-approved since they are not from an accredited institution of higher education. In 1979 we started offering lower-level ROTC. Allowing credit for experience would open a door for all other students having previously taken military training to request credit. Even courses offered through private sector companies could go the same route with students requesting credits for classes taken. The policy needs updating. Should we seek advice from RPI with their long-established ROTC program? The Dean agreed to contact RPI regarding their Navy ROTC program. It was pointed out that individual departments may review a student’s work and grant proficiency credits. Since PAD is an academic unit, they are able to issue proficiency credits. The Dean reviewed information on a Platoon Leaders Class offered at Quantico, VA. The class is obviously for college undergraduates. Major Johnson concurred with the Dean’s interpretation of this class. Until the policy is updated, should a moratorium be placed on decisions granting credits for military classes taken? A suggestion was made to consult Public Administration for their opinion regarding RPAD classes. The Dean will address the issue at the next Public Administration Faculty meeting. Upon further discussion, the Council agreed that the CAAS committee should review this matter and present their findings at a future Council meeting. The request was made to differentiate classes offered to current undergraduate students and classes for 18 years olds who have entered the military and then complete their designated tour of duty. Another suggestion was to review SUNY’s website for the policy on credits given for military classes.

The next Undergraduate Academic Council meeting will be held Thursday 12/11/03, 9:45 AM, LC-31

Notes taken by Joanne Baronner, Undergraduate Studies