MINUTES : November 15th, 2002. 2:30 pm, Conference Room

Members in attendance:

Reed Hoyt Sue Faerman
Martin Fogelman Rabi Musah
Robert Gibson Anton Konev
Anne Hildreth Greg Stevens
Sue Phillips Maurice Richter
Maritza Martinez  


I. Dean's List and Dean's Commendation List

Anton Konev has presented the UAC with the student's opposition on the changes being made to both these lists. He shared with us the thoughts of the Student Government and informed us that these students will be voicing their opinion in front of the Executive Council while the bill is being reviewed.

II. New Academic Program and Faculty-Initiated Interdisciplinary Majors

As of now no new programs can be approved until the new General Education Assessment has been approved. Since the General Education plan was not designed according to SUNYs' System, we are in need of two new committees whose focus will be to develop a way to include these new programs. These committees will be part of both the UAC and the GAC. They will develop a process which moves legislation through the committee to the Senate, until it gets approved. This new system's approval process will first start with the approval of both the UAC and GAC, the program will then be approved on campus and finally letters of intent will be sent downtown.

III. Second Baccalaureate Proposal

Robert Gibson has given us insight on what he will be bringing to the table in the future. As of right now, the second baccalaureate degree program has been abused by a select few who wish to enroll simply to receive financial aid. In the end they never complete their desired degree. Statistics show that 61 percent of students admitted for a second baccalaureate degree do not complete their degree. One way to prevent this from happening would be to only allow those that have been admitted to another school's program. This issue will be discussed in depth when it's actually proposed by Robert Gibson. The only question raised was whether or not we should count these students out of the graduating percentage statistics?

III. Future Meeting

Next meeting will take place on December 6, 2002 at 2:30 p.m. in the Conference Room.


Notes taken by:
Faridah Jivani / Undergraduate Studies