MINUTES: Friday, November 1st, 2002, 2:30 pm, Conference Room

Members in attendance:

Reed Hoyt Brian Levine
Martin Fogelman Greg Stevens
Robert Gibson Joan Savitt
Dick Collier Maritza Martinez
Sue Phillips  
Sue Faerman  



I. Grade Change Policy

The grade change policy will not be sent to the Senate until it has been reviewed by the GAC.

II. Reed Hoyt's given notice

Reed Hoyt told the UAC that he may have to step down from chairing the UAC because he has been assigned to chair the Theatre department in addition to the Music department. When Mr. Hoyt's time comes to step down from the chair the only requirement mentioned was that the chair must be a Senator.

III. Faculty-Initiated Interdisciplinary Majors

Three majors which seek Degree programs at the University are Human Biology, Japanese Studies and East Asian Studies. In the past the University system has separated our degree programs with SUNY and degree programs with the State. Originally the process starts with a letter of intent to the EPC which would have to be approved and then sent to the Senate. The Senate would have to approve it and then send it to the UAC to review the curriculum. The UAC would then send the curriculum back to Senate. The Senate would check UAC's review and send it to the State Education system.

The State system and SUNY system have found this process inefficient. Thus they have created a new process which incorporates both the SUNY and State system.

In order for the three majors to become a part of the new degree program the University must go back to the old policy and supplement it with the new policy. Due to the legislation the University must figure out the proper procedure so we don't go against our own legislation in the process. Dick Collier has been asked to pull out the legislation/policy on this issue.

IV. Assessment

The SUNY system is very interested in our assessment process at the University. The University has appointed a new position titled Assessment Director to both Joshua Smith for Undergraduate assessments and John Bartow for Graduate assessment. Sue Faerman shared her ideas on assessment. As we know, assessment is difficult at a University because it raises issues of academic integrity, research and etc… Since the 6 year cycle on assessments in majors have been passed it made it very difficult to follow assessments properly. This difficulty hindered assessments completely last year.

Sue Faerman will bring in documents which show the procedures for this assessment next week. Any improvement to this assessment must be approved by all three councils. The SUNY system also requires external reviewers to check whether the assessments presented are being abided by the University. The assessment must meet eight criterion. As of now the only assessment approved were those of 2 year schools.

V. Deans List Proposal

As of now the criteria for a students to make Dean's list differs between Freshmen and Non-Freshmen. Freshmen can make Dean's List with a G.P.A. of 3.25, whereas Non-Freshmen must earn a G.P.A. of 3.50. There's also a distinction between students who have matriculated before Fall 1997 and those who have matriculated after Fall 1997. The UAC must create a criterion which is clear, easy to follow and one with the least amount of distinctions. Almost everyone agreed with Brian Levine's point, which stated; to graduate with honors a person must maintain a G.P.A. of 3.25, so a person who graduates with honors will never make the Deans list but graduates with honors, this doesn't make any sense. So the question remains; What should the criteria be? The UAC will look at similar SUNY policies having to do with the Dean's List and bring them together at next weeks meeting.

VI. Future Meeting

Next meeting will take place on November 8, 2002 at 2:30 p.m. in the conference room.


Notes taken by:
Faridah Jivani / Undergraduate Studies