MINUTES: Friday, September 27th, 2002, 2:30 pm
Conference Room

Council members in attendance:

Reed Hoyt Suzanne Phillips
Martin Fogelman Sue Faerman
Robert Gibson Rabi Musah
Maurice Richter  
Anne Hildreth  
Dick Collier  

Student representative in attendance:

Brian Levine


I. Opening

Council Chair Reed Hoyt opened the meeting addressing the members of the council with an explanation of the function of the Undergraduate Academic Council. He explained that the UAC deals with special projects and policy issues. He continued on, to further explain the purpose of the sub-committees and urged everyone to sign up for a committee at the end of the meeting.

II. Student Grade Policy

The questions that were raised under the Student grading Policy were as follows:
Should anyone interfere with the grades given to students by professors and if so who should have the authority to make the changes? This is all assuming that Professors are at fault or are no longer a part of the University. As we know the University's policy does not allow any administrator to change a student's grade unless approved by the Professor of the class. This issue has been brought to the UAC so that new legislation may be enacted to better accommodate students who have been unfairly graded. Unfortunately the Undergraduate Bulletin gives students the impression that the grade given by a professor can be changed; this is incorrect and must be updated. Regardless of what the new legislation may state, let it at least be clearly understood by both Professors and Students alike.

A. Academic Grievances and Academic Dishonesty

A long discussion followed about the proper procedure for a student to file an academic grievance report. In addition to this, measures of how a professor can prove an academic dishonesty was also discussed.

III. Changing of the Bulletin

Language in the bulletin needs to be clear for both students and faculty. Both Sue Faerman and Reed Hoyt will prepare something and present it to the UAC next week. This change will take place in both the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletin. We will revise the new grievance proposal for the Senate next week as well.

IV. Committee Assignment

Everyone interested in joining the sub-committee were asked to do so at this point.

V. Future Committee Meetings

The next meeting will be on Friday, October 4th at 2:30pm in the conference room.


Notes taken by:
Faridah Jivani/Undergraduate Studies