Undergraduate Academic Council

Meeting Date:
Thursday, April 29, 2004, 9:45 AM-11:00 AM.

Gerald Burke, Richard Collier, Sue Faerman, Robert Gibson, Anne Hildreth, Reed Hoyt, Trudi Jacobson, Sue Phillips, Joan Savitt, Helene Scheck, Greg Stevens

Minutes from the April 22, 2004 meeting were reviewed. No corrections were noted. The minutes were approved.

Chair's Report:
- The Chair congratulated the Council for its strong attendance as well as the progress and hard
work with the UAC’s 2003-2004 agenda. The Senate requested the Chair to submit a report on
UAC’s completed work. The Chair requested all subcommittee Chairs to provide her with a report
on completed work by the subcommittees that did not lead to legislation, as those parts are in
regular UAC minutes.
- The Senate holds one more meeting.
- Of the 19+ items on UAC’s list, the majority have been acted upon by the Council. Any remaining
issues will be placed on the 2004-2005 UAC schedule.
- The Dean will discuss the advisement project. The ad hoc committee will review the proposal;
today’s presentation is for discussion purposes only.
UAC received a memorandum from the College of Arts and Sciences reporting their revised wirtten policies on Student Academic Grievances and on Penalties and Procedures for Violations of Academic Integrity.

Classification of Courses and Limits on Transfer Credits

Dick Collier updated the proposal and included the Committee’s recommendations from last week’s meeting. The Dean will mail letters to all colleges/schools regarding implementation of this bill. It was noted that all University articulation agreements with two-year schools will need updating. The Committee passed the bill, with noted changes. The Chair mentioned she will present this bill at the next Senate meeting on Monday (5/3/04).

Proposed Revisions in ISP Major

Anne Hildreth reported that the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee met this morning regarding the proposed ISP Major revisions. Three minor concerns were raised in the Committee’s discussion, all of which will be forwarded to Steve DeLong for clarification. First, the Committee needs clarification of the status of ISP468, the internship – should it be included in the elective lists as available for credit. This is indicated in the discussion of the proposal, but not in the bulletin text presented. Second, CSI101N will be accepted as an alternative to BMSI215; that revision should be reflected in the bulletin copy. A broader question concerned the status of ALIN499 as an elective. It is described in the proposal as a variable topics class that may or may not count for credit as an elective. Presumably, students will require permission numbers to access the class – the Committee wondered who will control the permission and whether the class will be available to ISP majors as readily as they would be to students in LIN. A related concern is whether, given the topical nature, it should be included in the bulletin as an elective or handled on a case-by-case basis via a DARS exception form. Despite these minor concerns, the general sentiment of the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee was that the modifications to the ISP major were sound; they addressed course availability, and the coherence of the major. The Dean mentioned that advisement in the School of
Information Science and Policy has been strengthened. Approval for courses will be given by the undergraduate advisor. LIN 499 should continue to be handled by DARS exception forms. It was suggested that "where appropriate" be added in regards to LIN499. The proposal was passed, with necessary changes.

Undergraduate Social Welfare Major

Dick Collier reported on the motion to eliminate the Race and Ethnicity course requirement that is now part of the advanced base of the Social Welfare Undergraduate major. The University at Albany’s U.S. Diversity & Pluralism general education requirement for overlap with the social welfare major’s Race & Ethnicity requirement was closely examined. Approved courses for the general education requirement met all six criteria for courses. The Committee voted and passed the proposal.

Other Business

Dick Collier reported on the recent Faculty Senate meeting in Syracuse. The assessment bill was passed with greatly modified wording. Faculty Senate and community college Senate reps will comprise GEAR. Once campuses determine how to assess critical thinking, then GEAR will become involved with their individual assessment committees.

Advisement Committee

The Dean submitted a proposal for advisement/registration. Next week when the new UAC meets, committee members will be solicited to volunteer for the Advisement Committee. The committee will work on the project during the summer, and committee members will include UAC and other factions within the University. A suggestion was made for the Dean to e-mail UAC members not in attendance today. Members agreeing to volunteer include Dick Collier, Anne Hildreth, and Joan Savitt.

Proposed Accounting Changes, School of Business

Helene Scheck mentioned the Curriculum and Honors Committee will meet this afternoon regarding the proposed accounting changes for the School of Business. Helene will e-mail committee members the final results of their review. She requested the committee inform her of any possible changes or updates. The Chair will report the committee’s outcome to the Senate.

Other Business

The Chair mentioned that minutes from today’s meeting will be reviewed electronically.

The next Undergraduate Academic Council meeting will be held in September, 2004. Details to follow.

Notes taken by Joanne Baronner, Undergraduate Studies.