Undergraduate Academic Council

Meeting Date:
Thursday, April 22, 2004, 9:45 AM-11:18 AM.

Deborah Bernard, Gerald Burke Sue Faerman, Reed Hoyt, Trudi Jacobson, Sue Phillips, Joan Savitt, Helene Scheck, Greg Stevens

Minutes from the April 15, 2004 meeting were reviewed and corrections acknowledged. The minutes, with required updates, were approved.

Chair’s Report:
- Legislation for conversion of Earth Science and History/Social Studies majors from Teacher
Education to General programs at the undergraduate level was passed by the Senate.
- The Chair informed the Senate that UAC continues its work on the applied electives proposal.

Classification of Courses and Limits on Transfer Credits

The updated wording is reflective of what the Committee desires. The proposal is geared towards legislation, and the Bulletin will be a shortened version of the finalized policy. Several suggestions were discussed for an updated version. Dick Collier will update the proposal and submit to the Committee at the next meeting.

The University of Minnesota has granted permission for the University to utilize their religious study course wording in our transfer of credit policy. Credit must be given to the University of Minnesota.

Other Business

Proposed Revisions in ISP Major
A proposal for revisions to the Faculty-Initiated Interdisciplinary Major with a concentration in Information Science was submitted. Two related issues for this major are being addressed: (1) unavailability of courses, and (2) the number of degree clearance (DARS) exceptions submitted to the Registrar’s Office. As stated, it is effectively a repackaging of existing requirements to streamline and simplify the program for students and those charged with administering it. Due to faculty resources not allowing requirement of this course for large number of majors, the ISP 468 Internship would become an elective available to a small number of students able to locate a faculty sponsor. Some courses would be moved from the optional menu to the Core or eliminated. The net effect would increase the core minimum to 31 credits. Certain courses for the requirements portion will be eliminated while other courses will be added. The net effect maintains the other requirements at 15 credits and recasts into three simplified menus in Lin, Psy (unchanged), and technical computing. Certain removed grad courses, not required for undergraduates, will make it easier for students to complete the major. The proposal will now be sent to the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee for review before being considered for passage by UAC.

Proposed Accounting Changes, School of Business
Proposed accounting changes for the School of Business regarding New York State’s 150 hour mandate for Public Accountancy and the CPA exam was discussed. The proposal identifies a 4 + 1 approach to the accountancy exam requirements. It is written as a combined document rather than separate graduate and undergraduate pieces. The Dean mentioned that the proposal has already gone before GAC and its Curriculum Committee. The School of Business is requesting UAC review the undergraduate portion. There are both curriculum change proposals embedded within the proposal as well as individual course action proposals. The proposal’s main emphasis regards eligibility for taking the CPA exam. UAC has turned the proposal to the Curriculum and Honors Committee for review with a future reporting back to UAC.

Senate’s Schedule/UAC Proposal

The Chair will not have any completed work to report to the Senate at the next Executive Committee meeting on April 26th. When the classification of courses and limits on transfer credits portion is approved by UAC, it will be presented to the Senate for passage. The proposed accounting changes from the School of Business and the proposed revisions in the ISP Major only require a reporting to the Senate. If the revised music proposal will be approved soon, it would be another report for the Senate.

Proposal Regarding Advisement/Registration

The Dean met with Sheila Mahan regarding the proposal for advisement and registration. Credit was given to Sue Phillips for her input in the process. A committee will be created with membership consisting of Sheila Mahan, Dean Sue Faerman, Sue Phillips, and members from UAC, Advisement Services Center, and other areas of the University. The committee will work on the proposal during the Summer, and an updated proposal will be submitted in the Fall to UAC. Advisement will include students’ major, minor, gen ed, etc. The Dean mentioned that the committee will be formed next week.

The meeting adjourned at 11:09 AM.

The next Undergraduate Academic Council meeting will be held Thursday, 4/29/04, 9:45 AM, LC-31.

Notes taken by Joanne Baronner, Undergraduate Studies.