Undergraduate Academic Council

Meeting Date:
Thursday, March 4, 2004, 9:45 AM-11:10 AM.

Deborah Bernnard, Richard Collier, Sue Faerman, Robert Gibson, Anne Hildreth, Trudi Jacobson, Reed Hoyt, Sheila Mahan (Guest), Sue Phillips, Joan Savitt, Helene Scheck, Joshua Smith, Greg Stevens

Minutes from the February 26, 2004 meeting were reviewed and corrections acknowledged. The minutes, with required updates, were approved.

Chair’s Report:
- The following four bills were passed by the Senate on Monday (3/1/04): English Curriculum
Proposal Addenda and Curriculum Proposals, Revision of “Oral Discourse” General Education
Criteria, Revision of Undergraduate Admissions Policy, ROTC and Applied Elective Credits
- The Senate has requested UAC review the following items. (1) Admissions policy regarding
the wording in advising transfer students concerning when their degree is likely to be
completed, (2) ROTC policy regarding the definition of “applied elective credits”.
- De-registration policy of how long a student may hold a pre-registered seat and when the
instructor may release the seat.
- The Chair will send 2/26/04 UAC minutes to Edelgard Wulfert regarding advisement issues.
- An update was given by the Chair regarding UAC’s “items for consideration” listing. #6A
regarding admissions is in the works, #12, SAT writing option, is completed, #13, HS Math, is
completed, and #19, Transfer from General Studies admissions, needs to be completed.
- The Chair mentioned that Spring, 2003 UAC minutes still need to be addressed.
- Updates for Social Studies and Earth Science hopefully will be presented next week. Dick
Collier mentioned he met with Jerry Rivera-Wilson to discuss the proposals. Jerry worked with
Harriet Temps concerning the Social Studies proposal. She will contact Dick with the updated
proposal which Dick hopes to present to UAC next week. If they are passed by UAC on
3/11/04, they will be presented at the upcoming Senate meeting.

Other Business

Sheila Mahan requested UAC to examine limits on transfer from two-year colleges. Dick Collier requested this include the definition “two year college”. It was noted that two-year schools offer classes that meet 300-400 level class requirements at Albany.

Freshmen Advisement During Summer Planning Conferences

A few members who accessed the website acknowledged some difficulties, but it was noted that the majority of 18 year old students would be quite savvy in accessing most website locations. A suggestion was made to have more opportunities for one-on-one advisement, prior to the summer planning conferences, as mentioned on the website. Other faculty have expressed concerns to UAC members regarding students encountering possible dial up problems and pointed out that the Help Desk is only open until 4:00 PM daily for student and parental assistance. Sue Phillips emphasized that Advisement Services will continue to meet with both students and parents during orientation. It is not a process where students register for classes and are merely sent on their way without any assistance. Advisers would access students’ schedules before orientation to prepare for schedule discussions. Also a PDF download version is available, thus allowing students to download information and work off-line. If a student does not attend orientation, their class schedule can be deleted. Two days before classes start, a final orientation is given. UAC and EPC are both reviewing this proposal. A suggestion was made to retain all student e-mail messages regarding problems with the new orientation proposal. This would result in a paper trail for detecting any problem patterns. It is an institutional desire to offer students choices and goals. Unfortunately, these may not fit our resource base, especially with available seats and courses. It was mentioned that other universities merely choose a student’s class schedule while others review student-submitted schedules and the university makes the final decision. A suggestion was made to implement the plan next year when we have the technology thoroughly implemented. It was noted that until December of last year, the website did not contain enough instructions for transfer students. That has now been corrected. Sheila Mahan mentioned they may have students register for 2-3 courses and then complete the process during summer orientation. The Council determined the discussion has concluded for this proposal. Sheila Mahan is willing to return to Council if any future proposal updates need to be presented.

The next Undergraduate Academic Council meeting will be held Thursday 3/11/04, 9:45 AM, LC-31.

Notes taken by Joanne Baronner, Undergraduate Studies