Undergraduate Academic Council

Meeting Date:
Thursday, February 19, 2004, 9:45 AM-11: 15 AM.

Richard Collier, Sue Faerman, Robert Gibson, Anne Hildreth, Reed Hoyt, Trudi Jacobson, Joan Savitt, Helene Scheck, Greg Stevens

Minutes from the February 12, 2004 meeting were reviewed and corrections acknowledged. The minutes, with required updates, were approved.

Chair's Report:
- The Chair reported that any bills passed today would be submitted to the Executive Committee of the
Senate on Monday.

Committee Chairs Report
- Interdisciplinary Studies Committee. Anne Hildreth mentioned the committee had no new matters to

- Curriculum and Honors Committee. Helene Scheck reported the interdisciplinary minor has been
approved. Also, proposals from Music and Philosophy were sent back to the departments for a
re-write. Revisions to the English major from the UCAC 2/12/04 meeting were reviewed by the
English Department.

- Committee on Academic Standing. Reed Hoyt reported the committee has reviewed many
readmission petitions.

English Curriculum Proposal Addenda and Curriculum Proposals

Helene Scheck presented an updated bill for the English Undergraduate Curriculum. Course action forms submitted last week were not included since they were still being updated. The proposal's main objective is to have students proficient in Eng 210, so it is prerequisite for 310 and most 400-level courses but a C or higher grade in 210 is neither an admissions requirement for the major nor a graduation requirement. Monitoring prerequisites will be the responsibility of the English Department.

The Council reviewed the proposal and required corrections were discussed. It was noted that Eng 411 is listed in PeopleSoft as "Old English," and a new course ID needs to be established. Eng 490 is not a new course and should have "description" only checked off on the course action form. Eng 398Z and 498Z exist as four credits but three credits are showing on the course action forms. Helene will contact Dick Collier regarding the proper credit amounts. The Council approved the proposal, with corrections. Dick Collier and Helene Scheck will discuss corrections and update. After receiving a corrected proposal, the Chair will present the bill without course action forms to the Executive Committee.

Interdisciplinary Minor in Organizational Studies

Although this proposal was discussed in December, the Council never officially voted. The proposal was passed by UAC and will go to the Senate for informational purposes only.

ROTC and Applied Elective Credits

It was proposed that the policies concerning ROTC and applied elective credits be reworded to "no more than a total of 12 applied elective and/or ROTC credits may be counted toward a student's graduation." Rewording the policy authorizes the Registrar to apply the 12-credit limit to the total of applied electives (including non-Albany ROTC) and Albany ROTC. A student with full 12 credits of ROTC would not be able to apply other applied elective credits toward graduation. The Council voted to pass the bill, with necessary changes. Dick Collier will forward the corrected version to the Chair for presentation to the Senate as a bill.

ROTC course action forms submitted last week were discussed. Anne Hildreth and Dean Faerman will discuss at their next departmental meeting those ROTC courses not counting towards a Poli Sci major or a Public Policy major. Required course action form changes will be forwarded to Major Johnson for updating. The course action forms, with required updates, were approved

Revision of Earth Science BS and Social Studies BA

The proposals were distributed for consideration at the next UAC meeting. The Chair will indicate to the Executive Committee that UAC may be proposing these revisions at the March meeting of the Senate.

Faculty's Local Learning Objectives/Outcomes for "The Gen Ed Program"

Assessment guidelines were passed by Albany two years ago, giving faculty the option of using either SUNY or locally-developed learning objectives, the later requiring UAC approval. Henceforth, the local objectives are to be used in place of the SUNY objectives. The UAC indicated it endorses the local learning objectives. Relevant portion of this information should be included in each syllabus. The Dean meets three times a semester with faculty to discuss faculty teaching to reflect Albany-based Gen Ed. Subcommittees of the Gen Ed Committee approve new courses and faculty focus groups define and revise local objectives. The objectives will not be included in the Bulletin but will be placed on the website. These objectives were approved by UAC and will now be reported to the Senate.

Revision of "Oral Discourse" General Education Criteria

The Oral Discourse criteria have been revised for the sake of clarity and to provide departments, schools, and programs a better idea of the breadth of experiences that may be used to satisfy this requirement. Since all existing courses approved to fulfill this requirement already meet the revised criteria, it is requested that this policy be implemented immediately upon approval. The bill, approved by Council, will be presented to the Executive Committee on 2/23/04.

Upcoming Issues/Items to be Discussed
- Revision of Earth Science B.S.
- History with Social Studies combined major

The next Undergraduate Academic Council meeting will be held Thursday 2/26/04, 9:45 AM, LC-31.

Notes taken by Joanne Baronner, Undergraduate Studies