World of Non-Traditional Students

The World of Non-Traditional Students is designed to create a community for any student who is above the age of 22 and wants to be an engaged student on campus. If you consider yourself a non-traditional student and you plan to live on campus, this is your opportunity to live with others with similar goal and transition both socially and academically to the school.

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As a member of the World of Non-Traditional Learners you will live with other non-traditional learners. Living with other transfers who have similar goals and interests means you will have a supportive network of peers right from the start. You can study together and attend social and co-curricular programming together. Friendships form quickly in L-LCs!


You will explore with your peers about academic resources and opportunities as well as social opportunities the University has to offer.


As a member of an L-LC you will have a built-in community of friends and colleagues right from the start!

Friends: Study and socialize with fellow L-LC members. Tackle those courses with your friends by forming study groups. Create a support group with other non-traditional students.

Non-Traditional Student Leader: Meet regularly with a non-traditional student leader who transferred to UAlbany who can guide you through your unique college experience. Attend social, academic, and community service events.

Lead Staff Member: Work closely with Darlene Poirier, the Transfer Services Coordinator.

Academic Advisor: Meet with an advisor over dinner and in class. Work together to plan your UAlbany pathway to success.

Leadership Opportunities: Become a Non-Traditional Student Leader and help new transfer students! Go on to assume a campus-wide leadership role.