Non-Traditional students are a valued component of the UAlbany community. We are very aware of the challenges faced by returning and adult learners and are constantly striving to make their experience as positive as possible.

Who is a Non-Traditional Student?

Typically, Non-Trads are considered to be those students who are age 24 or older. Beyond that, students who work full-time, have families or have taken extended breaks in  their academic career may be considered non-traditional. These students often have a very different perspective and experience and may find it difficult to participate in the student community.


What Resources are Available?

While all of the resources available to the traditional population are also available to the non-trad student it may seem at times that something more is required. The UAlbany Non-Traditional Learners on Campus is a student group focused on providing academic and social support  to non-traditional students. This group is made up entirely of adult learners and meets regularly to discuss the needs of the non-trad community. Members share experience, discuss successful strategies and help to provide feedback to university staff. There are currently several initiatives underway as a result of this groups efforts and more resources for non-traditional students are constantly being made available.   

Visit our Commuter Page for a listing of some of the more popular resources available.