A Joint Admissions Agreement Between
The University at Albany, State University
of New York and
SUNY Cobleskill

The purpose of this agreement is to outline the procedures for a joint admissions program between the University at Albany, State University of New York (hereinafter identified as the University at Albany or UA) and SUNY Cobleskill (hereinafter identified as Cobleskill).

Under the Joint Admissions Program, students are admitted to both Cobleskill and UA as first year matriculants, with conditional acceptance to UA with junior status after completion of their Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree.  Students are assured that if they achieve the stipulated academic proficiency and distribution requirements as detailed in the Cobleskill/UA Transfer Guide, it will be possible to complete their baccalaureate degree at the University at Albany in four additional semesters (or equivalent for part-time students).  Candidates selected for the program will receive a letter of admission from the Director of Admissions at Cobleskill and the Director of Admissions at the University at Albany.

The students in the Joint Admission Program are expected to enroll at the University at Albany in the semester following the completion of the Associate degree.  Students not wishing to continue their baccalaureate program at the University at Albany at that time must apply for deferral, enabling them to delay study for a specified length of time.  Students who enroll at a third institution lose their automatic transfer and must have their total academic record reviewed for transfer consideration.

Major requirements for the bachelor's degree will be those in effect at the time the student transfers to UA.

The University at Albany, State University of New York and SUNY Cobleskill agree jointly to provide for the following:

1. Cobleskill and the University at Albany will each designate a coordinator of the joint admissions program at their campus.  The coordinator at Cobleskill is the Director of Admissions; the coordinator at University at Albany is Mr. George Mitchell, Undergraduate Admissions Office.

2. Cobleskill and the University at Albany will develop, cooperatively, informational publications pertaining to the joint admissions program.

To be eligible for the Joint Admissions Program students need to follow these guidelines:

1. Complete the joint application form provided by Cobleskill (Intent to Enroll Form).

2. In the semester preceding anticipated completion of the Cobleskill degree, send the tuition deposit to the Office of Student Accounts at the University at Albany by May 1 for Fall enrollment, or December 1 for Spring enrollment.

3. At some point prior to enrollment at the University at Albany, provide identifying information necessary to include the students in the SUNY and UA student database.

The University at Albany, State University of New York agrees to provide the following for students at Cobleskill who have been accepted in to the Joint Admission Program:

1. In consultation with Cobleskill staff, a Transfer Guide for SUNY Cobleskill students has been developed, outlining required and recommended courses for each articulated PROGRAM OF STUDY.

2. Students who pay their tuition deposit by the appropriate deadline will be able to early-register for the succeeding semester and will be given the same registration priority as the University's continuing students.  The contract person at the University at Albany is Mr. Dan Smith, Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students, AD-118, 442-3950.  Joint admit students, who early register, are required to attend a Summer Planning Conference or January Orientation session.

3. Student will receive periodic information about activities at the University at Albany and about their intended program.  They will be welcome at appropriate UA functions and will be encouraged to visit the University at Albany to tour the campus and/or meet on an individual basis with advisors.

4. Representatives of the University at Albany will meet at the Cobleskill campus with students in the joint admission program on a periodic basis.  The purpose of these meetings will be to provide academic advisement about the University at Albany's curriculum and general information about the University.

5. The University at Albany agrees to provide, as needed, information sessions with faculty and staff of Cobleskill who will be involved in advising students enrolled in the joint admissions program.

6. The University at Albany will provide Cobleskill reports on the academic progress of Cobleskill graduates who continue their studies at the University at Albany under the terms of this joint admissions program.

7. Freshman applicants from Scoharie County who are denied admission will be notified of this joint admissions program and be encouraged to contact Cobleskill Admissions Office for application materials.

SUNY Cobleskill agrees to the following:

1. Application forms for the Joint Admission Program may be obtained from Cobleskill, Office of Admissions.

2. Selection of students for this program will be made by the Cobleskill Office of Admissions according to the basic criteria in effect at Cobleskill.  The University at Albany Undergraduate Admissions Office and Office of Transfer Affairs are available for consultation and information on recruitment and admission matters.

3. On October 31st and February 28th of each year, Cobleskill will provide University at Albany with a list of all students participating in the joint admissions program.  Also at this time, Cobleskill will submit a list of those joint admissions students scheduled to graduate at the end of the semester who have indicated their intent to attend the University at Albany the following semester.  Copies of student transcripts will be provided to UA Undergraduate Admissions Office at the end of each semester.

4. Cobleskill agrees to distribute the Cobleskill/UA Transfer Guide to joint admissions students and assist in setting up advisement programs involving Cobleskill faculty and staff.

Terms of this Agreement

This agreement will go into effect for the Fall 2001admissions date.

To meet the terms of the Admissions guarantee, Cobleskill students interested in programs in the Arts and Sciences must have a minimum 2.50 Grade Point Average (GPA).  To qualify for guaranteed admission into Accounting/Business Administration students will be required to have a 3.00 GPA.  Cobleskill students who enter the Joint Admission/Transfer Articulated Program who have not achieved the required GPA or who have not completed a PROGRAM OF STUDY are encouraged to apply for admission.  Each case will be considered on its individual merits.

Approved for SUNY Cobleskill

Kenneth E. Wing,

Approved for the University at Albany,
State University of New York

Carlos E. Santiago
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Spring 2001

Transfer Guide University at Albany