University at Albany

Spring Awakening Auditions

Auditions:Oct 21st- Oct 24th (Main Theatre)

Rehearsals:Oct 28th-Dec 9th & Jan 25-Feb 26th

Performances: Feb 27-March 8th (Main Theatre)

ACTORS: Prepare a pop or rock song for auditions. Interested actors should avoid evening classes in the spring semester to not conflict with rehearsals.

Casting Policy

Casting Policy Statement

University at Albany/State University of New York
Department of Theatre
Casting Policy
As of January/2006

The Department of Theatre, University at Albany/State University of New York:

• Has pledged itself to the goal of achieving cultural diversity in its casting
• Encourages all University at Albany students to audition for and participate in its productions
• Strives to provide educational opportunities for the growth, development, and training of students and casts its productions in part to fulfill this goal.
• Encourages its faculty and staff to employ the freedom implicit in educational theatre to make bold and experimental artistic choices in the conception, casting, and design of their work
• Recognizes the director as the person responsible for making casting decisions for each production and encourages integration between the production process and coursework
• Promotes the ideal that earning and retaining a role is a privilege, not a right
• Relies on the good faith and common sense of its faculty, staff, and students to interpret these policies in the proper spirit