The Social Workers Radio Talk Show

The Social Workers Radio Talk Show

The Social Workers Radio Talk Show

Our mission is to use the medium of radio to educate and enlighten our university and extended communities about social work trends and current practices provided by social workers.

The Social Workers Radio Talk Show was conceived as a unique opportunity for the University at Albany's School of Social Welfare students to explore media opportunities in radio hosting, production and prep.

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WCDB 90.9 FM
Albany NY
Thursdays 9-10am et

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THE SOCIAL WORKERS radio talk show. Originally aired on 4/23/15 on WCDB 90.9 FM in Albany, NY

Tune in to hear editor and author Harry Rosenfeld. Mr. Rosenfeld has spent years as an editor at The New York Herald Tribune and the Washington Post. As the Metro Editor at the Post, he oversaw Woodward and Bernstein in the Pulitzer Prize-winning expose of Watergate. After leaving the Post, Mr. Rosenfeld began working with the Albany Times Union and Knickerbocker News. Although he retired in 1998, he continues to serve as a consultant to the Times Union and sits on its editorial board as Editor-at-Large. In 2013, Harry wrote From Kristallnacht to Watergate: Memoirs of a Newspaperman, which is a memoir of his childhood in 1930s Berlin under Nazi rule and his career path from the New York Herald Tribune to the Washington Post.       


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