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Student Classroom Apps

Tools marked with a star ☆ are tools UAlbany Faculty Technology Resources has experience with or recommends.
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Blackboard Mobile

Allows students to access Blackboard from anywhere.

  • Students can check assignments, syllabi, or read any readings that have been posted.
  • Students are sent notifications when announcements are posted, grades updated, or information has been added (readings, etc).
  • Students can access online readings or course modules in class on a smartphone or tablet.

Cost: Free!
Support, or use the in-app help menu.


Keep your notes organized and keep everything you need in one place.

  • Write basic notes, schedule reminders, take photos of important information (business cards, etc), or attach links from any mobile browser, and link them to the desktop browser to save them anywhere.
  • Use the companion app Penultimate to write handwritten notes (or draw graphs on graph paper) to include into your notes..
  • Sync Evernote to all your devices, as well to your desktop through their desktop app, so your notes are available everywhere.
  • Turn your notes into slides to present immediately.

Pricing (basic account is free)


A free way to learn a language: from Spanish to Ukranian and more.

  • Choose from Casual to Insane levels of study (from 5 minute practice per day to 20 minutes per day), with reminders being sent to your phone to practice every day.
  • Language exercises vary from speaking, listening, picture association, translation, and multiple choice in short, "bite-sized" lessons.
  • Duolingo is a game-based language learning tool, so practice is fun and immersive.
  • Instantly see which answers you get correct. When you miss a challenge, you are immediately shown how to correct your mistakes.
  • Duolingo for Schools allows teachers to easily track their students’progress with a simple dashboard. Instructors can see the exercises they completed, how many points they earned and who needs extra help.

Cost: Free!