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Peer Observation and Assessment of Teaching
Executive Summary/Table of Contents
The term “peer observation” has come to mean many different things to different people. For the purposes of this document, we will be using this term to refer not only to actual classroom visitation and observation, but also to a broad range of activities related to assessment of teaching. This resource will consider six key components of Peer Observation of Teaching
I.   Assessment of teaching and the role of peer observation (click for more)
II.  The Story vs.the Snapshot: Peer Observation for both Formative and      Summative Assessment (click for more)
III.  Formative assessment of teaching using peer observation (click for more)
IV. Developing a departmental plan for formative use of peer      observation (click for more)
V.  Developing a departmental plan for summative use of peer      observation (click for more)
VI. Choosing or designing an instrument to guide peer observation
         (click for more)
Appendix. Downloadable forms for Peer Observation (click for more)
Adapted for the University at Albany with permission from The Center for Effective Teaching and Learning, University of Texas at El Paso, 2006