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6. Do I have a computer in my office?

There are no standard practices for how incoming faculty members are provided... Click for more

If I’m buying a computer, which one should I get?

Is UAlbany a Wireless Campus?

How do I get High Speed Internet if I travel a lot?

How do I purchase a computer?

How do I configure my computer?



If I'm buying a computer, which one should I get?
Dell PC's are the UAlbany standard, except in cases of unusual needs. Exceptions should be negotiated through your chair. If you are getting a new computer, we recommend that, instead of a desktop, you request a wireless laptop, plus a desktop docking station with a full-size monitor and additional keyboard, so that you have both—the comfort of a full-size desktop and the convenience of a portable computer. The laptop will be useful to you for teaching in some classrooms, especially if you want to run software that is not part of the standard classroom computer image.

Is UAlbany a Wireless Campus?
Many areas of UAlbany are wireless. With a laptop you will be able to access your e-mail while relaxing in the campus coffee shop.

How do I get High Speed Internet if I travel a lot?
If you travel a lot and seek optimal computing mobility you will want to consider subscribing to one of the national wireless broadband services offered by cellular companies. This service gives you high-speed internet access wherever you have cell phone connectivity-anywhere in the U.S.- all as part of a single cell phone package. No more airport fees for wi-fi access. No more hunting for a Starbuck's to find wi-fi service.

How do I purchase a Computer?
Computer purchases should be initiated through your department. ITS recommends reviewing the PC Quote page and contacting your department to coordinate the purchase.

How do I configure my computer?
Your computer image, whether the machine is recycled or new, will vary by department. For more information on your department's image, contact your Technology Coordinator. You can request additional software and the installation will be organized by your department, with your TC.