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5. How do I access my email and other network services?

Usernames, ID's and Passwords
You will not be able to access the internet or e-mail until ITS assigns you a Net ID. You should check with your department office first to see if this is automatically handled for you. If it isn’t, your department’s Technology Coordinator will help you procure one, and should be able to lead you through the initial steps of logging in and setting up a password. ITS has a page to explain the differences between the various passwords and ID numbers you will have. Once you have a Net ID, you will want to read about the MyUAlbany portal.

Email and internet
When you log onto MyUAlbany for the first time it will ask you to create a complex password to access several functions. This password can be set up to access different information systems (including e-mail, webmail, and Blackboard) by clicking the box next to each system for which you wish to use that same password. Some faculty members like the added security of having three separate passwords.