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6. How should Service Learning be evaluated?

Due to the less structured nature of the service learning experience, special efforts should be made to assure that students are giving and getting feedback throughout the semester, not just at the end. You may even want to consider using the results of this feedback for a small study or conference paper although you should be sure to get approval from IRB before starting any study involving human subjects. Student feedback is crucial in developing your class, in monitoring the students' learning, and in measuring the success of the partnership. Besides class discussion, some commonly used techniques for eliciting informal feedback include the following:

Grading students' service-learning experiences can be challenging and rewarding at the same time. Since part of the grade will involve a student's progress on-site you will need to decide how you will include that process of engagement with the community and reflection in the final grade. Remember, you are evaluating the learning outcomes from service experiences and not necessarily the service itself. Here are some things to consider while developing a grading scheme for your class:

Example End of Semester Survey Questions

Working with diverse populations in this course expanded my learning of the course content.