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How to Listen to Talking History

The WWW broadcast of Talking History is accessible every Thursday morning at 10 a.m., Eastern (USA) time. Shows are one hour long and typically include segments from the University at Albany, OAH, Dialogue, or other affiliated or independent producers. Go to Talking History to listen live on Thursday mornings. This link will take you to the home page of WRPI where you will find an option to listen to the station live.

Please note that you'll need RealPlayer-compatible software to hear the live or archived radio shows. Our files are optimized for various connection speeds, but generally, if you have a 28.8 Kb/sec-speed modem and the most recent version of RealPlayer, you will have no problems listening to program content. Click here to obtain free RealMedia software: RealPlayer.

All of the original programs produced by Talking History are archived on this site. Programs produced elsewhere for which we obtain permission to archive can also be accessed here. Segments that come to us from the Organization of American Historians are also archived at

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