Summer Sessions

The Summer Sessions 2016 Schedule of Classes is now available. Course descriptions and other details can be found at Summer Course Descriptions. Advance registration for Summer Sessions 2016 begins Monday, March 21, 2016. The summer online application will go "live" on March 1.

Admission for Summer Sessions 2015 is now closed. Visiting and non-degree students wishing to enroll in undergraduate courses for the Fall 2015 term can apply at General Studies Admission and Applications.  

Students can view their final grades via MyUAlbany three business days after the last day of the course.

Need a transcript? Transcripts can be requested in person or online through the Registrar's Office.


5/13/2015 - An additional 17 seats have been added to the 4W1 fully online AMAT106 (2459) - Survey of Calculus. This course fulfills the Math & Statistics general education requirement for UAlbany students.


Students enrolled in fully online summer courses beginning May 26 can access their course via MyUAlbany beginning Tuesday, May 12. Find information on getting started here.

5/12/2015 - An additional 25 seats have been added to the 4W1 fully online IINF100X (1845) - Information in the 21st Century. The course fulfills the 21st Century Challenges general education requirement for UAlbany students.





Closed out of a fully online undergraduate course for summer? Once a fully online undergraduate class section reaches full enrollment, students can now use the Automated Wait List (AWL) process through MyUAlbany to add themselves directly to a wait list. Questions? Need more details? Find the answers below:




Thank you for a successful 2014 Summer Session.


Our fully online Wintersession will run December 19, 2014 through January 19, 2015. All the information you need for Wintersession 2014-15 study at UAlbany will be available on our Wintersession website the first week of October. Advance registration begins October 15!

New sessions begin throughout the summer

 Session Dates  Academic Calendar

Advance registration begins Monday, May 21, 2016.

Why summer study at UAlbany?

The University at Albany's flexible summer schedule allows you to do all the summer time things you want or need to do, plus earn more credit toward your degree.

We offer:

  • More than 500 credit-bearing graduate and undergraduate courses.
  • Traditional and online offerings. 
  • Over 100 courses that fulfill one or more General Education requirements. 
  • Independent sessions ranging from four- to six-weeks in length.
  • Many popular courses are offered in early sessions.
  • Study in a relaxed, summertime atmosphere.
  • The opportunity to move ahead in your academic program and graduate faster.
  • Many study abroad options.
  • A comprehensive residential program complete with student housing facilities and meal plans available.

Ready to enroll?
All the information you need is available through this site, or by contacting:

Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions
University at Albany
Social Science, Room 110
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222

Phone: (518) 442-5140
Fax: (518) 442-5149




 Earn General Elective Credits Volunteering in Your Community for Summer 2014 Semester


Career Experience / Giving Back / Earning Needed Credit
  • RSSW 290 – Community and Public Service Program (3 credits – 100 Hours of Community Service S/U graded)*
  • RSSW 291 – Human Service in the Community (2 credits – 60 Hours of Community Service  S/U Graded)*
  • RSSW 390 – Community and Public Service Program (3 credits – 100 Hours Community Service A-E Graded)


Undergraduate students, non- or matriculated, provide between 60 and 100 volunteer hours at a 501C3 non-profit organization or public organization of your choice in their own community or for one of the 500 CPSP Albany Capital District Partner Organizations.  Course registration can be done via email/fax and all assignments other than community service hours are completed through Blackboard Learning System. Visiting and non-degree students must first apply for admission through the Office of Summer Sessions. For questions, registration forms (required for permission #) or general information – Go to “Student Page” – “Getting Started.”

*Prerequisite to RSSW390





  • Wednesday, May 28, is the last day to drop Four Week One classes with 0% financial liability.
  • Monday, June 2, is the last day to drop Six Week One classes with 0% financial liability.
  • View complete tuition liability schedule here.


Closed out of a fully online undergraduate course for summer? Once a fully online undergraduate class section reaches full enrollment, students can now use the  Automated Wait List (AWL) process through MyUAlbany to add themselves directly to a wait list. Questions? Need more details? Click:



















The online application is no longer available for Summer Sessions 2013 admission. Visiting or General Studies students wishing to apply for Summer Sessions 2013 may do so by mail, fax, or in person using the Nondegree Registration Application.

Due to necessary systems upgrades, MyUAlbany will NOT be available from 6:00pm - 8:00pm on Wednesday, July 17, 2013.

With new sessions starting June 24, July 8 and July 22, it's not too late to earn credits this summer and get ahead in your academic career. Not on campus this summer? No problem. Click here for a list of fully online undergraduate courses with available seats as of 6/13. Seats are limited. Don't wait. Enroll now!

The topic for AENG243 (Cls #1883) - Literature and Film - has been changed to "First Contact." Click here for a complete course description.

Just added - a second fully online section of ASOC389 (Cls #2487) - Sociology of 9/11 and the War on Terror - to run July 22 through August 16. Don't delay! Enroll today!

First time offered and fully online - RCRJ399 (Cls #2475) - Problem Oriented Policing - will run June 24 through August 16. Seats are going fast. Enroll today!

Closed out of an online summer course? Additional seats have been opened in several fully online summer courses to meet demand:  AANT/LIN220 (Cls #2459/2460); ASOC115 (Cls #2461); and RCRJ202 (Cls #2345).

New sections of Human Anatomy & Physiology I - AANT316 (Cls #2439) & Human Anatomy & Physiology II - AANT318 (Cls #2453) are now available!

Coming soon to a classroom near you: AHIS288-The History of the Cold War through Film 

The Automated Wait List (AWL) process will be available on all fully online undergraduate courses this summer! What does this mean? Once a fully online undergraduate class section reaches full enrollment, students will be able through MyUAlbany to add themselves directly to a wait list. Questions? Need more details? Click:

Fully online summer courses - AHIS256 (2228) Women in European History & AHIS293 (1833) History of Women in the Americas - now fulfill the new General Education requirement - International Perspectives









































































The online application will become available for registration for all other Summer sessions after 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, May 29th or students may submit the nondegree registration application.

May 27 though August 3. (Due to maintenance, housing accomodations are not available during the Six Week 3 and Four Week 3 sessions.)


 Enrolled in a fully online summer course starting on May 29th? You can now access your course on Blackboard 9.1. Review "Getting Started" for all the information you need to begin.

 Online applications are no longer being accepted for the 6W1 and 4W1 Summer Sessions classes, which begin Tuesday, May 29th. Students wishing to apply for classes in the 6W1 and 4W1 sessions may register in person or fax an application to the Office of General Studies & Summer Sessions located at Social Sciences 110.