Assessment Council

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The Student Success Assessment Council:

  1. Provides leadership for and conducts assessment that complement department assessment efforts and measures identified division outcomes;
  2. Annually reviews the department assessment processes and expectations and initiates actions to improve these and strengthen the departments' capabilities to undertake assessment;
  3. Facilitate sharing of assessment strategies and ways to improve student learning in departments and programs within Student Success;
  4. Review department annual assessment plans and reports and provide feedback to departments to enable continued improvement in the undertaking of quality assessment;
  5. Serve as a resource to departments as they undertake assessments and annual reports (workshops, guidebook, assessment tools, etc.);
  6. Assure that outcomes identified by divisional units are being assessed in meaningful ways.

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The Assessment Council was established in 2008 and serves as an advisory group to the Vice President for Student Success on matters relating to the assessment efforts within the Division. Specifically the council will:

  • Review unit assessment plans and reports and provide feedback to unit representatives to allow for continued improvement of quality assessment.
  • Support the Division in strategic planning efforts and initiatives.
  • Provide leadership for the Division and individual units in assessment process.

The Assessment Council is chaired bt the Assistant to the Vice President for Student Success. Each unit has a representative selected by its director. Council members serve as internal resources for their unit on assessment planning and reporting. Members include:

Emily Davis Campus Center
Sarah Wolanin Campus Recreation
Catherine Parker Career Services
Brian Stephenson Community Standards
Carie Snyder Disability Resource Center
Courtney D'Allaird Multicultural Student Success
TBD New Student Programs
Emrys Fitzgerald Office of the Vice President for Student Success
Michael Christakis Office of the Vice President for Student Success
Steve Lampedusa Residential Life
Doug Sweet Student Involvement and Leadership
Karen Sokolowski University Counseling Center
Rebecca Kobos University Health Center
Jennifer Baldwin University Police Department

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Collaboration and Analysis Working Group

“Know the data” – the Collaboration and Analysis working group is charged with reviewing assessment summary reports, maintaining the Division’s key performance indicators (KPIs), review institutional-level assessments (e.g. NASPA Consortium, EBI, etc.) against national benchmarks, maintain and update the Division’s annual (and three-year) assessment schedule/plan, develop and implement a comprehensive review protocol.

Data Analysis Team: TBD

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Education Working Group

"Expand assessment knowledge” – the Education working group is charged with providing on-going training opportunities, consistent with NASPA’s Assessment Education Framework, for Student Success staff throughout the year. Training includes virtual (webinars), on-campus as well as regional and national gatherings/conferences. The working group is also responsible for coordinating the annual assessment retreat and tracking participation in trainings.

Education Team: TBD

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Communications Working Group

"Tell our story” – the Communications working group is charged with oversight of the Division’s assessment outreach efforts including, but not limited to, the annual publication of the Division’s Briefing Book, the Your Voice campaign, the Pulse of Student Success, the annual Continuous Improvement Inventory and the new Student Learning Project report.

Communications Team: TBD

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