Student Conduct Advocate

Purpose and Role of the Student Conduct Advocate

The University at Albany’s student conduct process is meant to be educational in nature. In order to assist the student to best represent themselves in the student conduct process, the University provides Student Conduct Advocates to assist and support students who opt to go to a formal hearing.

The Student Conduct Advocate does not replace or substitute for the formal processes outlined in the student code of conduct, Community Rights and Responsibilities (Section 4: Student Conduct Procedures, or Section 6: Appeals). Rather, the Student Conduct Advocate gains an understanding of the student’s perspective on the incident and assists the student in preparing for the student conduct hearing. The Student Conduct Advocate may act as an advisor for the student during the hearing.

The Student Conduct Advocate WILL:

  • Listen and discuss questions, issues, and concerns of the student
  • Advise the student on how to best prepare for the student conduct hearing, including help the student clarify information pertinent to the incident
  • Assist in understanding UA policies and procedures
  • Help the student access appropriate University resources

The Student Conduct Advocate WILL NOT:

  • Replace or circumvent existing channels in the student conduct process
  • Make decisions for the student
  • Give legal advice
  • Serve as a character witness for the student

Contact a Student Advocate:

To request a Student Conduct Advocate, click HERE or log on to and search for the organization “Student Conduct Advocate”. Click on the Forms Tab and fill out the “Student Conduct Advocate Intake Form".