The Office of Conflict Resolution & Civic Responsibility

The Office promotes and supports a civil, healthy, and safe community through the establishment and administration of community standards outlined in Community Rights and Responsibilities and the Student Code of Conduct.

University at Albany students were recently surveyed regarding values they find most necessary to facilitate a thriving community. They overwhelming chose the following: honesty, respect, integrity, pride, and acceptance. This office strives to foster these student-identified values in all members of our community.

University at Albany students are a vibrant, diverse group whose learning environment extends beyond the academic program. Recognizing their role in the educational process, the staff considers themselves first and foremost to be educators. The Conflict Resolution staff seeks to assist students in examining personal values, goals, and behaviors as they relate to membership in the University at Albany community and the larger Albany community.

To this end, we provide:

  • Consultation services and conflict resolution through mediation and informal problem solving

  • Coordination of campus resources and support services in the resolution of behavioral problems

  • Interpretation of campus policies such as the smoking and alcohol policies

  • Adjudication and resolution of formal student conduct complaints