Community Rights & Responsibilities

Section 1: Introduction

Community Rights and Responsibilities is the official code of conduct outlining behavioral expectations for University at Albany students. The University has developed this code of standards and expectations, consistent with its purpose as an educational institution and requires that each student accept responsibility for his or her own behavior and consequences. These regulations and the procedures for their enforcement apply to all student conduct and behavior. Once a student is accepted as a member of the University community, they are responsible to uphold the standards outlined in this document. As such, students should be familiar with this document. These specific regulations should not be viewed as a comprehensive code of desirable conduct; rather they describe the minimum standards.

A copy of this document can be viewed and printed at or you may request a hard copy from Community Standards in Campus Center 361. Questions about the contents of the code of conduct can be directed to Community Standard at (518) 442-5501 or

It should be understood that all rules of the Board of Trustees of SUNY, and all local, state and federal laws apply on the campus. The State of New York laws include, but are not limited to, the New York State Penal Law, the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, the New York State Education Law, and the Alcohol Beverage Control Law. Violations of these regulations may result in a referral to the Student Conduct System. In such cases, the University may commence the Student Conduct System procedure independent of criminal or civil court proceedings.

  1. Philosophical Approach to Standards of Conduct

    Because disciplinary actions must be commensurate with the seriousness of the offense and the total conduct record of the student, each case is determined on its own merits. Student conduct procedures and subsequent disciplinary outcomes are designed to find a balance between the interests of the individual student and the community.
  2. Jurisdiction of the University’s Code of Conduct

    The student code of conduct shall apply to conduct that occurs on University premises, at University sponsored activities and to off-campus conduct that adversely affects the University community, the pursuit of its objectives, or neighboring communities. A student may be charged with violating local, state and federal laws and also the campus code of conduct as the student is subject to double jurisdiction, having obligations both to the State and the University. (See "Double Jurisdiction: What Does It Mean and What are the Implications?" for further information.)
  3. Inherent Authority for the Student Disciplinary Program

    Section 356 of the Education Law empowers the University Council of each State-operated campus of State University of New York to make regulations governing the conduct of students, subject to the general management, supervision, control and approval of the Board of Trustees of the State University of New York. All programs for student welfare and conduct are entrusted to and administered by the President of the University at Albany on behalf of the University Council.

    The President has delegated administration of programs for student welfare and conduct to the Vice President for Student Success. Enforcement of standards of conduct, University regulations, recommendations for new policies, or modification of policies or regulations affecting student welfare and conduct are initiated through the Office of the Vice President for Student Success. The Vice President has jurisdiction over the Student Conduct System.

    In addition to Community Rights and Responsibilities, the rules, regulations, and procedures for The Maintenance of Public Order on campuses of the State University of New York, adopted by the Board of Trustees, are in effect at the University at Albany. (See Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order.)