Student Legal Services of the Student Association

Joseph D. Zumbo, Director
State University of New York at Albany
Campus Center 116
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222
(518) 442-5654

Student Legal Services of the Student Association (SLS) is a legal service funded by the undergraduate student Activity Fee providing legal assistance to eligible University at Albany undergraduates.


SLS offers consultations for eligible students in various subject areas, for example:landlord-tenant issues, small claims, traffic and city ordinance violations, University disciplinary and academic issues, etc.

During Fall and Spring semesters in various local courts of Albany County SLS provides trial level representation (by letter of representation only) for eligible studentscharged with Misdemeanors, and Violations; and Summary Proceeding representation (byletter of representation only) for eligible students threatened with Eviction.

SLS does not provide any assistance to students whose legal interests conflict withthose of another student.


SLS offers an annual Internship for academic credit with the School of Criminal Justice (RCRJ 423); Pre-Law advice, and is available for community legal education.

SLS is located in Campus Center 116. Services are provided according to the Rules of Professional Conduct and SLS' Eligibility Policy. Identification and Proof of eligiblestudent status (See for an Enrollment Verification Form) are required. SLS reserves the right to refuse assistance to anyone and may alter its services without notice.