From noon on Wednesday 4/1 until noon on Friday 4/3
vote to keep the Student Activity Mandatory on MyInvolvement.
  • The Student Activity Fee Funds:

    Five Quad, Middle Earth, UA Veterans, UA Alive, Fuerza Latina, ASUBA, Asian American Alliance, JAMSA, Knemesis, Sankofa, WCDB, Dance Council, Precizun, ATV, Ski Team, Rugby, TKD, Hillel, MSA, Pre-Law Assn., The Guild, and many, many more.

  • The Student Activity Fee also pays for:

    Dippikill, Student Legal Services, the Ticket Window (discount bus and movie tickets), Parkfest, Fallfest and Speaker Series speakers such as Bill Nye and Common, and in the past, Magic Johnson, President Clinton, Colin Powell and Barbara Walters.

  • Vote 4/1 - 4/3 on MyInvolvement

    All of these groups, resources and events can only be provided with a vote of MANDATORY on the student activity fee. Vote on MyInvolvement.